Indus script - Old form of Brahmi script

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Harappan people used an older form of Brahmi script: Expert
Swati Chandra, TNN | Nov 8, 2012, 03.24AM IST

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This palm leaf manuscript being mentioned  in this news paper report  may not be correct --- I think Mr.Sharma is talking about Birch bark manuscript reported by Lucy Zuberbuhler in her Bachelor thesis submitted to University of Bern --- Follow the link for more information ----

University of Bern
Faculty of Humanities
Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies
Institute of Linguistics
Historical Comparative Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Roland Bielmeier
Bachelor thesis
July 31
66’338 characters

A Comparison of a Manuscript with the 
Indus Script ----
-by -----
- Lucy Zuberbühler

Below given is the news paper report of TOI

                    A palm leaf manuscript discovered from Harappan site in Afghanistan has strengthened the belief of existence of a proto Brahmi script, which was used by Indus Valley people. This discussion was raised by Dr DP Sharma, Harappan archaeologist and director, Bharat Kala Bhawan, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in the International Conference on Harappan Archaeology held recently in Chandigarh.

                      According to Sharma, who has carried out research works on the palm leaf manuscript with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for last five years, the palm leaf has Harappan as well as Kohi script engraved. "Kohi symbols and letters have an affinity with the Harappan script and hence can be very significant in the decipherment of Harappan scripts. At the same time the palm leave manuscript has seven lines, which is the longest script recovered from any Harappan site. So far the scripts or the signs of Indus Valley script engraved on tablets, seals, potteries and other objects had not more than 18 letters or pictures," informed Sharma.