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Have you ever heard about Kanotix...? YOU SHOULD! The best Operating System on the Globe and then some ;)...give it a try and you will definitely convert to Linux afterwards!

The link:


Another worth trying is PCLinuxOS. Here is the link:


I discovered also lately Elive (their page is somehow stubborn to open- do not give up! ;)


...and why I am writing about it...?

Because it's my only way to express my gratitude to all those fantastic people creating new and easy to use Linux environment for ordinary and very average users like me...Uffff...

And, of course, if my financial situation will ever change, I plan to support those young people also in other way... :D

Anyway -  for anybody tired of the OS you use - try Linux - it's not as difficult as you think! Some tips for "noobies" are coming here soon...

Many friendly regards from one month ago converted,









Elive -desktop of the FUTURE:)

Kanotix - desktop which JUST WORKS!!!

PCLinuxOS - where computing could be also FUN!

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