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I am Tamasys and I live in Australia. I am in Year 10. My blog is located at Wordpress.

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About Me


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Four Island


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LOL a Day

Anger Management


Just so you know, this page has been dead for about a year. My site is now at http://tamasys.endoftheinternet.org/.

A Homepage!

At last, a home page. Almost every site and forum (and Fourm, as the case may be...) asks for a webpage, and before now, i didn't have one! Sad times, but they are over now. Hooray!

Just because I can say it here, VISIT FOURISLAND!

A Blog!

I finaly have a blog, too. You can view it here.

There isn't much on it at the moment, so if you are looking for a more interesting blog (at the moment) then go here.