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Welcome to the Tamarind Cay Condominium Association web site. This site is intended to be an Archive of information of mutual interest to Tamarind Cay residents...a place for filing and finding useful information that we can all access on our own time, and at any time and place where we have internet access.

The 'Search' feature (upper right corner) can be useful to find the location of any particular word or topic on any page, file or attachment mentioned on this site.  For more specific instructions on 'Searching', read the instructions at the end of this page.

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Make a note of the web address - TC Website https://sites.google.com/site/tamarindcay/ - put it on your 'favorites' or 'bookmark' list and share it with your neighbors and other residents who may not have gotten the word - and check back occasionally to see What's New.

Please take a moment to read our Welcome Letter found on the On Line Forms page.

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Instructions for 'Searching' specific words/information on this web site and other Tamarind Cay documents.


Scenario:  You recall reading about the dryer vent in a past edition of the Tamarind Cay Newsletter, but don’t recall the details. Follow the numbered instructions.


1 - Notice the ‘search’ box in the upper right corner of the home page.

2 - Enter the search words ‘dryer vent’ in the box and click ‘search this site’.

3 - You will find that there are several past issues of the Newsletter and one Tamarind Cay Document that contain the term ‘dryer vent’.

4 - For our example, click on the first Newsletter – Issue 10.  This will open the newsletter and you will note a ‘find’ box in the tool bar just above the Newsletter.

5 - Enter the words ‘dryer vent’ in the ‘find’ box and hit the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard.  You will be taken to an article published on page 3 of the April ’09 edition of the Newsletter and note that the words ‘dryer vent’ are highlighted.

Also, notice the arrows to the right of the ‘find’ box.  Clicking the right arrow, will take you to a second location where the keywords appear in this document, etc.


Want some practice?  Go back to the web site and find out what our documents have to say on the subject of dryer vents by ‘searching’  the same words in the Declaration of Condominium document. Want more practice?  Try searching other terms like ‘pets’ or ‘speed limit’ or ‘Direct TV’.  


 Upcoming Events & Activities



*Monday, May 29th, 5:30 pm *Hot dogs & Hamburgers on the grill *

*Please bring sides and desserts*

*50/50, BYOB, patriotic music* swimming in the pool*

The following events will return in October: 

Ladies Luncheons, Dinner Night Out and Thirsty Thursdays

 Be safe, enjoy your summer and see you in the Fall!




Thirsty Thursday 
Weekly 5:30 at the TC pool

Night On the Town 
3rd Monday 6:00 pm TC Pool

Ladies Luncheon 
2nd Wednesday 11:30 am TC Pool

Socials Monthly 
5:30 pm TC Pool