Announcing the TSS3 and updates for the TSS1 and TSS2 plus an offer!

posted Dec 29, 2010, 4:14 PM by Eleanora Newell
The TSS3 is the third in our TAMA Subsculpt System.  The frame shapes have bevels which come from the slice shapes used on them.  They come in three varieties.  There are complete frames, which have an X in their names, and these can be sized globally or in a horizontal or vertical orientation (stretched ends will thicken).  The other complete frames are done in a diagonal orientation which when stretched on a single axis create a diamond shape.  Both of the complete frame sets use 32 slices.  The corners take up 8 slices and open up the uses.  By being only corners, you can avoid the stretching inherent in the "X" frames and also work with the slices between the corner to curve or other adjustments that will make them more to your needs.  This set sells at a special price of 150L and, until midnight slt of January 1, 2011, will be included in your purchase of any TSS1 or TSS2. 

We have just released a functional release for the TSS1 and TSS2 as version 2.2.  Notices have been sent and would have come in local chat in a green text block.  If you have not received notice or the update is not delivered when you rez a new copy of your rezzer(s) on the ground, please contact Eleanora Newell that she may help you with your delivery.  All TSS1 and TSS2 owners will receive a copy of the TSS3 in their updated product boxes (remember, the rezzer ends in -PLUGIN).  We wish to thank all of our customers for their continued loyalty and wish all of you the happiest New Year.  Health, happiness and peace.  ~Fox and Ele