Latihan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX-p3

Text 1
Read the notice and answer questions 1.

1.  The shoppers or the visitors are not allowed to do the following except ….
A. smoke in the store
B. take photos in the store
C. bring pets into the store
D. take good care of their belonging

Text 2
Read the text and answer questions 2 and 3


To          : ALL STAFF
From     : Edgar Howard
Date      : March 12, 2010
Subject : Thefts in Office

There has been a recent increase in the number of thefts in the office. Although we have in place extensive security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our premises, we must all take preventative measures to ensure the safekeeping of company property and personal belongings.

Please observe the following guidelines:
1. Do not leave any valuables unattended at your work station.
2. Before leaving each day, store away any belongings that might be of interest to a would-be thief.
3. Keep your filing cabinets and drawers locked in the evenings.
4. Immediately report to your manager any person whom you feel does not have authorization to be in the office.
5. Do not provide anyone else your passwords or security access codes.

If we all work together and observe these measures, we can reduce the incidence of theft in the office.

Thank you.

2.  What is the purpose of the text ?
A. To remind all staff  to be careful of theft in the office
B. To announce that there will be theft in the office
C. To describe the thief who has come to the office
F. To ask all staff  not to become thieves

3.  When do thefts happen?
A. since the office was established
B. a long time ago
C. only a short time ago
D. a few months ago

Text 3
Read the text and answer questions  4 and 5

Dear Jim,
Please accept my sincere condolences for the sudden loss of your dear brother Ray last week. Ray was an exceptional friend and colleague who will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Sincere condolences,
Brad Fender

4.  Brad Fender sent the message because he wants to show his … to Jim for the loss of Ray.
A. sympathy   
B. pleasure
C. happiness
D. joy

5.  “Ray was an exceptional friend and colleague ….”
The underlined word has the same meaning as ….
A. extraordinary
B. good
C. not so special
D. extremely bad

Text 4

 Dear John.
You become the runner up of the yearly drawing competition.
Congratulation on your success. I do hope you will be the best next year.
Don’t give up ! you will get it.

Your aunt

6.  Who become the runner up of the drawing competition?
A. Anne’s daughter   
B. Anne’s nephew
C. Anne’s cousin.
D. Anne’s niece

Text 5
The text is for question number 7

Congratulations. You've passed
The waiting is now over, the results are here at last. And everyone's delighted  to hear that you have passed ! Well done.


7.  Jim wants to congratulate him/ her because he/ she has ….
A. become a winner of a competition
B. passed his/ her exams
C. done well in the contest
D. received a medal

Text 6
Read the text and answer questions  8 to 11

 PediaCare Long Acting Cough, Liquid, Grape
4 oz (120 ml)

Package Details:
Relieves Coughs up to 8 hours
Non-Drowsy, Alcohol Free, Sugar Free
Dextromethorphan HBr, oral solution, cough suppressant.

PediaCare@ Long-Acting Cough effectively relieves your child's cough symptoms for up to 8 hours without drowsiness. It's alcohol-free, and its sweet grape flavor tastes great.
Each teaspoonful contains: sodium 19 mg
PediaCare®. Recommended by Pediatricians. Trusted by Moms@.

Temporarily relieves cough associated with the common cold.
If needed, repeat dose every 6-8 hours. Do not exceed 4 doses in 24 hours.
Children 6 to under 12 years:: 2 teaspoonfuls
Children 2 to under 6 years: 1 teaspoonfuls
Children under 2 years: consult a doctor

Store in carton until the contents are used. Store at 68° to 77° F. Do not use if the printed Pfizer band around the cap is broken or missing.

Stop use and consult a doctor if cough persists for more than one week, tends to recur or is accompanied by fever, rash, or persistent headache.
Keep out of reach of children . In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

8.  This text is a label of  ... produced by Pedia Care.
A. antibacterial lotion   
B. fever medicine
C. cough syrup
D. antibiotic

9.  "Pedia Care Long Acting Cough, Liquid, Grape."
The underlined word has the same meaning as ....
A. fluid           
B. frozen
C. gas
D. hard

10. The Pedia Care Long Acting Cough does not contain ….
A. sweet grape flavour   
B. sugar
C. dextromethorphan Hbr
D. liquid

11.  Which sentence is not correct about PediaCare Long Acting Cough according to the text?
A. It can relieve a child's cough symptoms.
B. It can cause drowsiness.
C. The dosage can be repeated if needed.
D. It should be stored in carton until the contents are used.

Text 7
Read the text and answer questions  12 to 14

From      :
To          :
Sent       :  April 10, 2007
RE         : Parking Garage problem

Dear Martin:
Please regard this as a letter of apology for the recent problems that I caused you by moving your belongings in the parking garage without your permission.

Believe me I had no intention of causing you any problems. Over the long weekend I decided to rearrange my space in the garage. I installed new shelving on the front wall opposite my parking space. While I was at it I thought I would also tidy up the entire garage. Then I noticed that your boxes of books were stored dangerously close to the electric heating element. So, I took the liberty of moving those boxes to the other side of the garage. I didn't consider at the time that this would block the entry and exit of your vehicle.
After you brought this to my attention Monday evening I immediately moved your boxes back to where they were stored originally. As you suggested, by stacking them carefully I was able to place them so that there was sufficient safe clearance from the heating element. I trust you will find everything in order now.

I'm really sorry that I didn't check with you first before moving your belongings. I can now see how it would have upset you to return after the holiday weekend and find your belongings moved for no apparent reason. All I can say is that it won't happen again.


Jeff Gibson

(Adapted from .......)

12.  What did Jeff apologize to Martin for?
A. causing problems to Martin
B. moving his own belonging in the parking garage
C. rearranging his space in the garage
D. installing some new shelving on the front wall

13.  How could Gibson cause a problem to Martin by moving Martin's boxes to the other side of the garage?
A. They were close to the electric heating element.
B. They made sufficient safe clearance from the heating element.
C. They blocked the entry and exit on the passenger side of Martin's vehicle.
D. They were not stored very well

14.  As you suggested, by stacking them carefully I was able to place them...(par 3)
What does the word 'them' refer to?
A. the garage
B. the problem
C. the boxes of books
D. Gibson's belongings

Text 8
Read the text and answer questions  15 and 16


A cactus (plural: cacti) is any member of the plant family Cactaceae, native to the Americas. They are often used as ornamental plants, but some are also crop plants. Cacti are grown for protection of property from wild animals, as well as many other uses.

Cacti are part of the plant order Caryophyllales, which also include members like beets, gypsophila, spinach, amaranth, tumbleweeds, carnations, rhubarb, buckwheat, plumbago, bougainvillea, chickweed and knot grass.

Cacti are unusual and distinctive plants, which are adapted to extremely arid and hot environments, showing a wide range of anatomical and physiological features which conserve water. Their stems have adapted to become photosynthetic and succulent, while the leaves have become the spines for which cacti are well known.

Cacti come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The tallest is Pachycereus pringlei, with a maximum recorded height of 19.2 m, and the smallest is Blossfeldia liliputiana, only about 1 cm in diameter at maturity.

Cactus flowers are large, and like the spines and branches arise from aureoles. Many cactus species are night blooming, as they are pollinated by nocturnal insects or small animals, principally moths and bats. Cacti range in size from small and globular to tall and columnar.

15.  What does the first paragraph tell us about?
A. the members of cacti
B. the habitat of cacti   
C. the use of cacti
D. types of cacti

16.  The text is written to ….
A. tell how to plant cacti
B. entertain the readers
C. describe cacti in general
D. persuade the readers to plant cacti

Text 9
Read the text to answer questions  17 to 20

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one celestial object moves into the shadow of another. The term is most often used to describe either a solar eclipse, when the Moon's shadow crosses the Earth's surface, or a lunar eclipse, when the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth.

Eclipses may occur when the Earth and the Moon are aligned with the Sun, and the shadow of one body cast by the Sun falls on the other. So at New Moon (or rather Dark Moon), when the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, the Moon may pass in front of the Sun as seen from a narrow region on the surface of the Earth and cause a solar eclipse. At Full Moon, when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun, the Moon may pass through the shadow of the Earth, and a lunar eclipse is visible from the night half of the Earth.

An eclipse does not happen at every New or Full Moon, because the plane of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth is tilted with respect to the plane of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, so as seen from the Earth, when the Moon is nearest to the Sun (New Moon) or at largest distance (Full Moon), the three bodies usually are not exactly on the same line.

17.  When does a lunar eclipse happen?
A. in the morning
B. in the afternoon   
C. in the evening
D. in the midday

18.  What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. We can see the surface of the Moon from the Earth
B. The Sun is the biggest planet in our solar system.
C. An eclipse never happens at New or Full Moon.
D. The Sun and the Moon rotate on the same line.

19.  What will happen if the Moon's shadow crosses the Earth's surface? There will be ….
A. a lunar eclipse
B. solar eclipse
C. new moon
D. full moon

20.  “...and a lunar eclipse is visible from the night half of the Earth.” (par 2)
The underlined word mean that it can be ….
A. seen obviously
B. enjoyed carefully
C. photographed easily
D. described clearly

Text 10
Read the text and answer questions  21


Bandung is the best and greatest city for many reasons. The weather is cool. There are many interesting places to go to. People can play paralayang (hang gliding) or terjun payung (parachute jumping). Bandung is surrounded by tea plantations which are cool and peaceful. Furthermore, the shops in Bandung are famous. When we want to buy some clothes, it is better to buy them in 'factory outlets' in Bandung. The prices of clothes are cheap and the quality of the products is very good.

(source of the text: Kang Guru Magazine)

21.  What is the text mostly about?
A. The city of Bandung
B. The factory outlets
C. The tea plantations
D.  The hang gliding

Text 11
Read the text to answer questions  22 and 23


Sicily, burned by sun, permeated with the smell of wine, sun dried tomatoes and the scent of history...this is an island where espresso tastes better than anywhere else in the world, and water seems to be unrealistically azure.

The island is inhabited by 5 million people, and the 25,700 square kilometers that it occupies make it the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sicily is home to Mt. Etna, the tallest (3,320 m/10,900 ft) active volcano in Europe. Despite frequent droughts, the island is covered with vineyards and olive groves as well as orange and lemon trees.

(source of the text and pict : Kang Guru Magazine)

22.  Sicily in Italy is a/ an ….
A. country
B. island
C. mount
D. beach

23.  “Despite frequent droughts, the island is covered ...” (the last paragraph)
The word 'drought' means a long period of time when there is little or no ….
A. air   
B. rain   
C. wind
D. sunshine

Text 12
Read the text to answer questions 24.

The Cengkareng Access Toll Road in Jakarta runs  between Jakarta with Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The length of this toll road is 14km. The toll road uses a foundation construction 'cakar ayam'. It was developed by Prof. Dr. Ir. Sedyatmo and is a construction method invented in Indonesia. 'Cakar Ayam' or chicken claw, is a system for road foundations and airport aprons. It uses a 'sosrobahu' or rotating cross-beam construction system and is now being used worldwide.

24.  “It uses a 'sosrobahu' or rotating cross-beam construction system and …”
What does the word 'it' refer to?
A. 'cakar ayam' construction
B. the Cengkareng Access Toll Road
C. rotating cross-beam construction system
D. the length of the Cengkareng toll road

Text 13
Read the text to answer questions  25 to 27

I was sitting in my apartment on the 3rd floor of a 33 storey building when I felt the room begin to move. It was when I heard concrete cracking and people screaming that I ran out and down the emergency stairs. The staircase was full of panic struck people running and crying, just trying to get out as fast as possible. I felt sorry for the old people and those with young kids.
After about an hour I returned to my apartment to grab some stuff and leave. I really don't wan't to stay there tonight especially as there are many new cracks that have appeared in the walls and ceiling. I very much doubt that the building was constructed to earthquake region standards, or that the Indonesian authorities will be sending engineers to check it out anytime soon.

David Lornie, Jakarta, Indonesia

(Source: BBC News, Wednesday, 2 September 2009)

25.  David Lornic wrote to BBC about his experience he had when the … happened.
A. tsunami
B. fire   
C. earthquake
D. building collapse

26.  The following are the reasons why David Lornic did not want to stay in his apartament the night after the eartquake except ….
A. There were many new cracks that have appeared in the walls and ceiling.
B. He very much doubedt that the building was constructed to earthquake region standards.
C. He doubted that  the Indonesian authorities will be sending engineers to check it out anytime soon.
D. He was sure that the Indonesian authorities will be sending engineers to check it out anytime soon.

27.  “ ... returned to my apartment to grab some stuff and leave.” (par 2)
What does the underlined word mean?
A. pull something suddenly, firmly or roughly
B. put something firmly around something
C. to put something somewhere and keep it there to use later
D. to put or keep something in a place where it cannot be seen or found

Text 14
Read the text to answer questions  28 and 29

I was in the park with my older sister, Cathy, on Friday. My sister left her jacket on a bench while we were talking to some friends. When we went back to the bench, a girl in a red T-shirt was sitting there. She had some money in her hand. When she saw us, she got up and walked away.
I said to my sister, "Did you have any money in your jacket?" She said, "Yes, Anna, I did."
I said, "Look in your jacket quickly." Cathy looked in her jacket, but her money was not there.
That girl stole it! I said, and we all ran after her. We caught her quickly. My sister was very angry and she said, "Give me the money!" The girl gave the money to Cathy and ran away. We all ran after her, but we lost her.

Then, we went home. But before we could tell our parents, my mother said to Cathy, "You left your money at home. It's on the table in the sitting room. You must be more careful with money."
So the girl in the red T-shirt was not a thief! She probably thought we were thieves! We felt terrible.
Please telephone us if you know this girl. We are very sorry for our mistake. We would like to say sorry to her and give her money back to her. My name is Anna. Our number is 512667.

Source: English in Focus for Grade VIII Junior High School (SMP/MTS)

28.  Why did the girl give the money to Cathy? Because ....
A. she was afraid of Cathy
B. Cathy asked her politely
C. it was Cathy's money
D. Cathy wanted to steal the money

29.  From the text we can conclude that ....
A. the girl in the red T-shirt took Cathy's money
B. Anna and Cathy told what had happened to her mother
C. The girl in the red T-shirt was looking for Anna and Cathy to apologize
D. In fact Cathy left all the money on the table at home

Text 15
Read the text and answer questions 30 to 33

Maura, who liked to be thought of as the most beautiful and powerful queen of Arabia, had many suitors. One by one she had discarded them, until her list was reduced to just three sheiks, all equally young and handsome, rich and strong.1t was very hard to decide who would be the best of them.

One evening, Maura disguised herself and went to the camp of three sheiks, as they were about to have dinner, and asked them for something to eat.

The first gave her some leftover food; the second gave her some unappetizing camel's tails; the third sheik, why called Hakim, offered her some of the most tender and tasty meat. After dinner, the disguised queen left the sheiks' camp.

The following day the queen invited the three sheiks to dinner at her palace. She ordered her servants to give each exactly what they had given her the evening before.

Hakim, who received a plate of delicious meat, refused to eat it if the other two could not share it with him, and this act finally convinced Queen Maura that he was the man for her.

"Without question, Hakim is the most generous of you," she announced her choice to the sheiks. "So it is Hakim I will marry."

30.   “One by one she had discarded them ….” (paragraph 1)
The word 'them' refers to ….
A. three sheiks
B. servant
C. Arabians
D. suitors

31.  What were the three sheiks doing in the camp when the disguised queen arrived there?
A. They were about to sleep
B. They were about to have dinner
C. They were having a party
D. They were eating unappetizing camel's tails

32.  The queen ordered her servants to give the sheiks the same kind of food as that she got from them because she wanted …
A. to entertain her guest
B. to test the sheik's food
C. to see the sheik's reactions
D. to repay the sheik's kindness

33.  What's the moral value that you can learn from the story?
A. Don't look at someone from the appearance.
B. We should make a party to decide something
C. Don't trust easily to someone who has given a valuable thing.
D. We have to be careful in choosing the person to spend our life with.

Text 16
Read the text to answer questions 34 to 37


A free-form swimming pool offers a relaxing range of options, a tropical oasis which includes a lap pool and terrace bar.
Sun loungers and pavilion areas create ample space for leisure, and a regular program of water sports and activities is held daily.
A fully-equipped gymnasium, health club and massage centre is available for guest use, with experienced health and fitness professionals to provide expert assistance. At poolside, the Laguna Pool Terrace serves drinks and light meals throughout the day.

34.  What is offered by the advertisement?
A. a hotel in Bali
B. a paradise in Bali
C. an information of a hotel
D. a free hotel in Kuta

35.  Which of the following hotel facilities is considered as an oasis?
A. the gymnasium
B. the pavilion
C. the message centre
D. the swimming pool

36.  Where should you go if you want to get some meals?
A. at Sun loungers and pavilion terrace
B. at the Laguna Pool Terrace
C. at a tropical oasis
D. at poolside

37.  "... and pavilion areas create ample space for ...”
The underlined word has same meaning as …
A. small  
B. narrow
C. beautiful
D. spacious

Text 17


Making coloured and scented candles is really quick and simple. What's more, you'll save so much money. If making candle is easy, why do you ever buy one from a shop? What you need in making candle are wax, moulds, wick, dye discs, essential oils, and a double boiler. All these materials are available from craft shops. Or if you do not want to buy them, you can improvise with an old saucepan, Pyrex jug, or even a sturdy can, in a pot of water. After providing the materials, follow this procedure or instruction in making candles!

First of all, melt the wax. All wax has a flash point, so to prevent it bursting into flames; you must melt it in a double boiler, with water in the bottom of the pan. Then, prepare the mould with the wick. Thread the wick through the mould and make sure that you leave a good few centimeters sticking out of the hole in the bottom.

After that, add the scent. If you want a scented candle, add a few drops of essential oil to the melted wax. You can use any essential oil you like, as long as it doesn't contain water.

Next step, pour the wax into the mould. Try and tip the wax into the mould quickly, all in one go, to minimize spillage and air bubbles.

Then, release the bubbles and top it up. Releasing the air bubbles will eventually make the candle sink, so you will need to top it up with more melted wax. Finally, remove it from the mould. After four or five hours, the candle can be taken out of its mould.

Your candle is now ready for display. Remember, you must always leave it for a day before lighting it.

Source:­candles-intro-09-04-2 1 _p_l.html

38.  The purpose of the the text is to give information about …
A. the steps in making candles
B. the materials we need in making candles
C. what a candle is
D. the way to display candles

39.  What should you do after melting the wax?
A. Pour the melting wax into the mould.
B. Remove the melting wax into from the mould.
C. Prepare the mould with the wick.
D. Release the bubbles and top it up.

40.  “So to prevent it bursting into flames you ...” (par 2)
The word “bursting” means ….
A. exploding   
B. melting
C. satisfying
D. becoming

41.   “ long as it doesn't contain water.” (par 3)
What does the word 'it' refer to?
A. the scent   
B. essential oil
C. the wax
D. candle

For questions 42 to 44, complete the text with the correct words


A tornado is a (42) …  rotating column of air which is in contact with both a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, a cumulus cloud base and the surface of the earth. Tornadoes come in many sizes but are typically in the form of a visible condensation funnel, whose narrow end touch the earth and is often encircled by a cloud of debris.

Although tornadoes (43) … been observed on every continent except Antarctica, most occur in the United States.  (44) …  also commonly occur in southern Canada, southcentral and eastern Asia, east-central South America, Southern Africa, north-western and central Europe, Italy, western and south-eastern Australia, and New Zealand.

(Taken from: Scaffolding English for Junior High School Students Grade IX)

42.  A. violent
        B. violence
        C. violently
        D. most violent

43.  A. have   
        B. has
       C. had
       D. having

44.   A. It
        B. Its
        C. They
        D. Their

45.  Arrange the following sentences into a good text.
1. First, they are difficult to find.
2. They are only found in a few places in the world.
3. Diamonds are very expensive for several reasons.
4. And finally, they are very beautiful.
5. People use diamonds to cut other stones.
6. Second, they are useful.
7. They stay the same for millions of years.
8. Third, diamonds do not change.

The best arrangement to make a good paragraph is …
A. 5-3-6-2-1-4-8-7
B. 5-3-1-2-4-6-4-6
C. 3-1-2-6-5-8-7-4
D. 3-2-1-5-6-4-7-4

46.  Arrange the following sentences into a good text.
1. In the evening, they took after-dinner walks on the beach and watched the sunset in the horizon.
2. Then, they sat in the verandah and watched the stars twinkling in the sky.
3. She caught crabs and clams on the beach.
4. They made their way back when the sky turned dark.
5. Together they held a grand feast.
6. Last week Meesha visited her grandparents' house near the seaside.
7. She took them home and then her grandmother cooked them.

A. 6-3-7-5-1-4-2
B. 6-3-2-4-1-5-7
C. 6-3-1-7-2-4-5
D. 6-3-7-2-4-1-6

For numbers 47 to 49, arrange the words into a good sentence.

47.  Pond – ball – jumped – take -t he – to – boy – into – the - a
         1          2       3                4      5    6        7         8       9   10

A. 5-7-3-8-6-1-4-2-10-9
B. 5-7-3-1-4-2-10-8-6-9
C. 5-7-3-8-9-1-6-4-10-2
D. 5-7-6-3-8-10-9-4-2-1

48.  when-a helmet-please-riding-your-wear-for-own- a motorcycle-safety
           1        2           3          4         5      6     7    8             9            10

A. 3-6-2-1-4-9-7-5-8-10
B. 3-4-5-9-10-1-6-2-7-8
C. 3-6-7-10-5-8-2-1-4-9
D. 3-6-1-2-4-9-7-5-8-10

49.  turn on– during– was– because– not- his - the day- Lilik- he– fined- motorcycle light- did
           1             2           3            4         5      6         7            8    9     10                  11              12

The best arrangement of the words is ….

A. 8-3-10-4-9-12-5-1-7-11-6-2
B. 8-3-10-4-9-2-5-1-6-11-12-7
C. 8-3-10-4-9-12-5-1-6-11-2-7
D. 8-3-10-9-11-12-6-1-7-4-2-5

50.  Read the following notice to answer question number 50.


All violators will be towed away at vehicle owners expense and risk

The word 'towed away' means being … using another vehicle.

A. pulled
B. parked
C. painted
D. washed


Magelang, 28th March  2011