Graduate Research Assistant
            University of Virginia

            Rice Hall - 32885 Engineers Way,
          Charlottesville, VA 22904,USA
          Email: tb2ea@virginia.edu(primary)

Hi, I am Tamal, a 3rd year graduate student affiliated with VIVA Lab in ECE department at University of Virginia. I am privileged to have Prof. Scott T. Acton as my PhD advisor.  

Before joining University of Virginia, I studied Computer Science at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and Electrical Engineering at Indian School of Mines Dhanbad. I was fortunate to work with Prof. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee as my Master's advisor at ISI Kolkata. 

Research Interest:
Deep Learning, Dictionary Learning, Graph Signal Processing.

Current Research:

My primary research focus is on the application of graph signal processing on a class of image processing problems. The application involves graph modelling of big data and its spectral analysis, event detection, statistical analysis on graphs, and manifold learning using graphs. This framework is useful for detecting topological changes on Earth's surface, human activity recognition, network flow etc.