Graduate Research Assistant
            University of Virginia

            Rice Hall - 32885 Engineers Way,
          Charlottesville, VA 22904,USA
          Email: tb2ea@virginia.edu(primary)

Hi, I am Tamal, a 4th year graduate student affiliated with VIVA Lab in ECE department at University of Virginia. I am privileged to have Prof. Scott T. Acton as my PhD advisor.  

Before joining University of Virginia, I studied Computer Science at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and Electrical Engineering at Indian School of Mines Dhanbad. I was fortunate to work with Prof. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee as my Master's advisor at ISI Kolkata. 

Research Interest:
Deep Learning, Dictionary Learning, Graph Signal Processing.

Current Research:

My primary research focus is on the application of graph signal processing on a class of image processing problems. The application involves graph modelling of big data and its spectral analysis, event detection, statistical analysis on graphs, and manifold learning using graphs. The graph-theoretic framework is useful for detecting topological changes on Earth's surface, human activity recognition, network flow, classification of neuronal morphology etc.