I joined the Singapore University of Technology and Design as a postdoc researcher in ‘Kyanite – Improved Cognition by Design’ in January 2017, a joint project between the Augmented Human Lab (AHL) and the Language and Social Cognition Lab (LASC). My job is to map out cognitive capacities using a range of tasks (assessing executive functioning and robot-control performance) with a variety of methodologies that enhance behavioral measurements by acquiring continuous, real-time physiological variables (pupillary response, galvanic skin response, heart-rate variability, and EEG signature). In the future, I plan to study the cognitive and linguistic performance of bilinguals, for which Singapore provides the perfect environment.

In my MA and PhD research, I have designed and conducted online experiments with both adults and children exploring their cognitive and lexical skills. My research interests focus on phonological and lexical development, the nature of lexical representations, and phonological structures such as the phoneme and the consonant cluster. Methodologically, I study how experimental approaches such as mispronunciation detection via pupil dilation data and acoustic analyses of speech can be used to investigate the following questions: How detailed are lexical representations? Are sub-phonemic and supra-phonemic information incorporated in the mental lexicon?

I also have a long-standing interest in language development in people with autism-related conditions. Between 2007  and 2010, I participated in language therapies for autistic children and analyzed their speech patterns. This work sparked my interest in phonology and language acquisition, which lead me to complete an M.A. in Linguistics at the University of Tromsø (2010) and an M.A. in Psychology at Northeastern University (2012).

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