Spot's Page

yes, it's a webpage for a cat.    


good morning

Spot's first H-Mas

attempts to be cute 

Spot is my cat. He wasn't always my cat. He moved next door about two to three years ago. He dcided pretty quickly that I was the GREATEST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE and spent most of his time crying outside my door, trying to get me to come out and pet him.

About six months ago, the neighbor moved and said she couldn't take both of her cats with her, so would i take him? He moved right in, as if there was nothing strange about me suddenly allowing him in my apartment, feeding him every day, or letting him sleep in my bed.

This page is mainly to document that there is, in fact, a cat.

Summertime is not a happy time for Spot. He must not like hundred degree weather. He's just been lying around on the sidewalk, occasionally whining at people as they walk by. Hw won't come inside, probably because it's just as hot in here as it is out there. 

He's always been a bit of a mooch. He's convinced about four people to feed him. He regular visits each door in the apartment complex.

 He gets fed up when I take too many pictures, though.