Shira Tal - Israeli artist in Heidleberg


I am an Israeli artist, living in Heidelberg, graduate of the Ecole les arts decoratifs  in Paris and the  Bloomfield Academy of Design in Haifa. 

My works are presented around the world, in the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Tanzania and Israel.

During the years, I held high positions in some of the most respected companies in the publishing and advertisement  field, as creative and art director in "Dun and Bradestreet" "Golden pages" and others.

In the last few years i teach children creativity and arts in the DAI - Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Heidelberg

The special atmosphere of Heidelberg as a university city, the diversified landscape of its serroundings and the beautiful river became my source of inspiration.  As material I mainly prefer to use, acrylics for my paintings and clay for my sculptures.

You will find plenary of love and joy in my creative object.

I hope you enjoy my paintings and sculptures as i enjoyed to create them.