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2012 Rules of the Club

1)  Guest fees are $100 for non family and $50 for family the First 2 weeks of the season. (Aug. 18th-Aug.25th)
2)  Guest fees are $100 for non family and $50 for family from Oct. 13th-Nov.17th.
3)  No guest Thanksgiving Thursday 22nd-Sunday 25th.
4)  Guest fees are $50 non family and $25 family for all other days not listed above. (fees apply even if guest only hunts one hunt)
5)  Adult guest are allowed one buck with a 12" inside spread or better per visit. There is a $250 fine if smaller buck is taken. Notify Carlene or Bill to discuss youth guest.
6)  Members bucks taken must be 12" inside spread or better. There is a $250 fine if a smaller buck is taken.
7)  One Doe tag will be issued to each member balance to be signed out as used (on a first come first basis).
8)  All hunters are allowed to hunt only two differant stands per day.
9)  Creek bottom can be hunted with climber or on the ground.
10) No vehicles or hunters in the woods other than designated hunting times. ABSOLUTLY NO walking around on club property except to retrieve your deer.
11) Any youth hunters not needing a hunting license, must have passed a hunters education course and have certificate with them in order to hunt by themselves (at members discretion) and have a walkie talkie.
12) Stands will be picked at a designated time in the morning and afternoon. Pulling of cards will apply when needed. Place the washer on the stand # you are hunting for all club property on the board at the Little House on the Prairie location. And make sure your washer is removed at the end of that hunting session.
13) Notify Carlene or Bill each time you are going to the club and if you have a guest. Call Carlene or Bill with all kills so they can be logged in the book. We would like a picture to be emailed to Carlene with all bucks taken.
14) Please help keep all hunting areas clean, report any repairs, trimming needed, or any concerns to Carlene or Bill.