A simple component for Delphi to manage an icon in the system notification area (system tray).

About TTrayIcon

I've written software which puts icons in the system tray before.  To do so you need to play around with the Windows API functions.  I decided it was time that I took this and turned it into a component which you can drop onto your form during design time.  To do so raised a few challenges, but it didn't take long to work around them.


The source code for this software is very simple, and I have placed it in the public domain.  The component and sample code were written in Delphi 7 and have not been tested in any other versions.  The source code is available below.

TTrayIcon component file: TrayIcon.pas

Example project (includes TTrayIcon component): TrayIconExample.zip


This component and example code were written in Delphi 7, using Windows XP.  I haven't tested it on any other architecture or version of Delphi.

Installing Components

To install a component in Delphi 7, select "Install Component..." from the Component menu.  Browse for the .pas file of the component, and select a package to install the component into.  Unless you already have a package of your own components which you want to install the component into, choose the "into new package" tab and give a package name and description.  Then click OK.  This particular component is written to appear on the Samples page of the component pallete.