Online Tools/Applications give you the option to 'publish' or 'share' what you have made. This makes it possible for others to see your work on the internet. When you 'publish' or 'share' what you have made the 'URL' you are given tells you the address on the internet where your work is visible. You will need this to show people your work. You can also put one piece of work inside another using the 'embed HTML' function. Look out for it as you experiment with these and other online tools.

1.Create a website:

Yola (Website creation and hosting tool)
Weebly (Website creation and hosting tool)
Wix (Animated website creation tool)

2.Create some content for your website:

Vuvox (Multimedia presentation tool)
Voicethread (Multimedia online blog tool)
Tumblr (Multimedia online blog tool)
Scrapblog (Online sketchbook)
Voki (Create a speaking animated online head)
Prezi (Animated presentation tool)
Microsoft Office (Student version:very cheap)
Wordle (Word scrambling idea generation tool) 
Aviary/Pixlr/Photoshop (Edit Photos and Graphics online) 
Isuu (Create a magazine online) 
Bubbl (Brainstorming tool) 
Sodaplay (Model creation tool) 
GoAnimate (Create multimedia animations)
Mindmeister (Brainstorming website)
Textures (Excellent resource for images of textures)
Online Interactive Abstract Painting (look up Fiona Rae)
Looptracks (Interactive visual-musical instrument)
Bpoem (Online sequencer)
Grotian (Interactive visual-musical instrument)
IndabaMusic (Free online recording and mixing)
Freesound (Download free sound effects)
Dafont (free fonts to download and use in Word etc)
Random Word Generator  (Does what it says)
Picasion (Create animated GIFs online)
Stixy (Online multimedia noticeboard)
Wallwisher (Online multimedia noticeboard)
Cacoo (Online Collaborative Drawing)

Do2learn (simple facial expression generator)
Artnatomia (detailed facial expression generator)
Linoit (Online Collaborative Posting Board)
Savevid (Download Youtube video)
BenderConverter (Download Youtube video)

Invent an Online Identity: