Peace Talks Parte 2

       In this second installment of Peace Talks, the students of TdP respond to the conversation that the students of PNG had concerning several issues surrounding displacement. The questions presented were  
Does the world community have an obligation to assist a country with their problem of displaced persons?
What are some of the primary causes of population displacement?
Are you more sympathetic toward people displaced by war or by natural disasters?
What can you do to help a displaced person?
    The conversation was enriched not depreciated by the diversity of responses even if at times they were conflicting because of the mutual respect that was held for the varying experiences that each person was contributing to the discussion. This was especially important because "displacement" as a discussion topic is not the easiest for many of the participants in TdP. They have all been displaced for different reasons and those reasons can be opposing. By sharing stories, histories, opinions, and ideas, the students were able to devise strong, detailed, and complex answers to these very difficult questions that many if not all adults have a hard time solving. 

To watch the PNG conversation visit here.

Peace Talks: Parte 2