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Referrals and Requests

Our Society serves as a referral point for people of Florida and the United States for information about Tallahassee and the area. Here are a few of the many requests made to the Society this past year (2009 -2010). All were answered.

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Referral Requests
Referral Requests
The Terracon Consulting Engineers of Georgia asked for a comment on a proposal to erect a 199-foot communication pole at Buck Lake Road and Pedrick Road. The membership pointed out the presence of Indian Mounds in that vicinity. 
Mary McIntosh of McKinney, Texas requested information about her Great Uncle, Jessie Paulk who was in a Confederate hospital here in Tallahassee in 1864. She was referred to Boyd Murphree, an authority of the Confederacy at the Archives, also to Mr. James Parrish, our speaker in October and to member, Claude Kenneson. 
Morgan Kalberloh of Florida State University wanted information on historic trees on campus. They are planning to designate the campus as an arboretum and want to name their historic trees that have been dedicated to individuals. Those with information called him. 
There was a request from Jim Price of the Morgan County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc., of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia to identify a medal from 1902 that evidently was made here in Tallahassee during Governor Broward’s administration. Our President, Marti Saconchik-Pytel took pictures of the medal to the office of the highway patrol in the division of motor vehicles. 
A letter in response to the inquiry stated that the Florida Highway Patrol was not established until 1939. The State Road Department was created in 1908.Therefore, it is believed that the names listed on this medal were not State Troopers as Mr. Price suspected but names of possible military personnel. Colonel John Czernis, Director, Florida Highway Patrol who signed this letter suggested this was more of a keepsake than a medal and suggested we go to the Archives for help. Members had already scoured the archives and were able to pass some information on that may be of help. 
There had been a request from Construction Support, S. E. for original colors on a house at 513 East Call Street. Members remembered the house but not the original colors. The company was referred to Adam Watson at the Florida Archives 
Joe Ann Van Gelder of Bethlehem, New Hampshire, who lived here in 1930-1951, offered us photographs of important historical events. She was referred to Adam Watson of the Photographic Collection at the Archives, as we no longer collect items. 
An inquiry was made as to paint color in the 1800s on interiors of houses here in Tallahassee. Referral was made to the Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation. 
Mr. Bill Hopkins of Wisconsin has been communicating with our president since she wrote him of our interest in participating in a dedication service of the new headstone for Major Edmund Weeks who was a union soldier at Natural Bridge and a contributor to early Tallahassee. A descendent of the family serving in Afghanistan for a year would like to be present for the ceremony. We will be kept informed of the dedication date. 
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