East Coast DDC Championship Report

from Harvey Brandt, 10/1/11

Better never than late, as I am prone to say. One week after the tourney start? Not too bad. I had to find a way to recover from severe physical torment, drain the blood from several toe nails (like you need to know that!), and figure out where I was.

Let's start with extreme kudos to Carlton and Anne. Especially the Carl-meister. Not only does he make this a no cost event for the participants, put on the party at his house, supply the beer (well, Corona), give out shirts, and round up the Triangle DDC crew to provide the food, this year he also had to find alternative fields starting at 3:00p on the day before the event starts! With all the rain in the Raleigh, NC, area in the days prior, Carlton received a call in the middle of the afternoon on Friday telling him that he could not use the designated and reserved fields due to the possibility of them being torn up by our use. Scrambling like the best of them, and using all his local contacts, Carlton was able to find us an alternate location. Fields were a bit mushy on Saturday, but totally playable, and firmed up nicely by Sunday's semis and finals. Come out next year and you will see them as he has booked them for 2012.
Other props go out to the rest of the Triangle crowd, Stu for eggplant, Drew for bread, someone made some killer chocolate things. And plenty of housing by everyone there. Definitely the current DDC focal point.

Suffice to say that the competition was excellent, every team playing well. We did have some shuffling of teams early on. One player dropped due to an injury on Thursday, another had a death in the family just before the start of play. Our sincere thoughts go out to the family.

But in the end, we did have 12 solid teams.
Results of the pool action can be seen here:


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Highlights include killer play by the Florida players. In particular, the team of James Elsner and Mike Prost. They were the hot team of the day. They took out number one seed Harvey Brandt and Cody Kirkland in pool action. Another hot team was Sam Kaye and Scott Zimmerman, giving several teams a struggle before finishing just out of the semis.

After the mud settled, Brandt and Kirkland nipped the number two (Conrad Damon and Dieter Johansson) and three seeds (Jon Freedman and Dave Hesselberth) to win the pool with a 10-1 record. Damon / Johansson lost only that game to also finish at 10-1, but lose the head to head. 

Freedman / Hesselberth and Elsner / Prost both finished at 9-2. This set up an interesting pick for the pool winners. Do Brandt and Kirkland pick world #1 Conrad Damon and hot Swede Dieter Johansson (he says he is over in the US for business reasons but we all know it is for DDC), or Dave Hesselberth and Jon Freedman (#3 and #11 respectively and always dangerous) both of whom they defeated in pool play? Or pick the only team to whom they lost, Elsner and Prost.
The semis did become Brandt / Kirkland against Elsner / Prost and Damon / Johansson against Freedman / Hesselberth. And what great action. Both matches went the distance, three games. See the results page for the games scores. Of note is the fact the Dave and Jon won the first game and led 16-12 in the second before Conrad and Dieter rallied. Harvey and Cody took the more conventional route of winning the first game, losing the second, and then winning a tight third game. Like I already mentioned, James (JimBow) and Mike were the tourney's hottest team.

The finals were great by all spectator's accounts. Harvey and Cody won the opening game. Conrad and Dieter again rallied to take games 2 and 3. Game 4 went down to the wire with Harvey and Cody winning 16-13. Then all reality seemed to be suspended as Harvey and Cody opened a 9-1 lead in the fifth and deciding game. So much for suspense, eh? I understand someone once said that it ain't over till the disc stops in the court. True enough here, as Conrad and Dieter went on a 12-4 run to tie the game at 13. Then a tough ending for the international team agains the multi-generational team (39 years between Cody and the ancient Harvey) as Conrad caught the lead shot right before Dieter made a good grab of the burn. Double and match. Interesting information - the total points scored by each team in the finals were dead even.

More interesting info - reportedly, Cody made some incredible plays. I can't say as I had my own hands full at the time. I do believe that the results may have been different without some of the youthful things he did during the weekend. Watch for more from him, he is now three time defending champ at East Coast. With three different partners. Catch him for next year if you want a victory, eh?

Next up and the last big event of the calendar year, the West Coast DDC event (the renamed and relocated AZ States) taking place in San Diego, CA, November 10-12. Mixed Pairs on the 10th, Open on the 11th, semis and finals on the 12th, massive pick up otherwise.
And the bonus of the great freestyle action all weekend on the beach with the huge Beach Jamming event.

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