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40th VA States DDC tournament:  Tally Pod Finishes Strong
Jim Elsner and Conrad Damon DDC Champs, 2016, VA
(photo cred. Rick LeBeau)
Jim Elsner & Conrad Damon, VA states 2016
Jim Elsner and Conrad Damon (seeded 2nd, finished A-pool 1st)

Mike Prost
 and Hank Bass (seeded 6th, finished A-pool tied for 3rd)

John Elsner and Jasun Burdick (seeded 12th, finished A-pool 9th)

Upcoming Events with DDC action in 2016:
  • Circles on Sounds, June 5-6, 2016
  • WFDF in Santa Cruz, CA July 2016
  • Escape!! League, Summer 2016 Tallahassee, FL

TLH DDC's 1st Summer League, 2015

What is DDC?
A competitive double disc sport we now call Escape!! (DDC - Double Disc Court).  It is an exciting and intense doubles disc game in which your opponents are attacking your court with one or two discs at a time.  Like doubles volleyball, except the the courts are spaced by 17m, and two discs are in play at all times.  Discs must be thrown in your opponent's court, and caught and thrown back.  If your team touches both discs at once, you lose 2 points (a double!)  It is a lot of fun, mentally challenging, and physically active.  If you like disc sports or want to learn, games are open to the public and listed on the calendar posted here.

The game of DDC was invented over 30 years ago, has a long history, excellent camaraderie, and is played at several tournaments annually around the country and world.  
For a more thorough explanation, see our 5-minute instructional YouTube videos, "How to play DDC". 
More about the game of Escape!! / DDC

In DDC, the two discs are 110 gram frisbees.  The Tallahassee DDC pod has been playing for several years.  We invite people to join us.  We usually play at Optimist Park (see where we play for maps) on Saturday or Sunday mornings, but also weekday evenings.  Time/place varies with weather etc (see our Calendar for up to date plans).

This site has information about our pod (the local players), the sport and its rules and strategies, links to videos of our games, and information about upcoming DDC tournaments and related events. 

New Players Welcome
The Tallahassee DDC pod has several nationally ranked players.  As is typical for disc sports, DDC play is active and intense but built on good sportsmanship and the spirit of the game. We are glad to teach you the game, even if you've never played before.  Come on out and give it a try.

In short, DDC is a disc version of beach volleyball two on two, but with two discs flying at once, space between the courts, and no net.  Lots of crazy throws, tipping, burn shots, and even layouts.  It's fun to learn, fast paced, and an all around excellent disc sport - once you get used to the official 110g discs (smaller than ultimate discs).


DDC & other Disc VIDEOS ->
YouTube Vids from TLH DDC

Other DDC or flying disc videos
Swedish DDC finals on SVT
The Invisible String (disc documentary)

Reports from Recent Tourneys:

5th Annual Tallahassee DDC Tournament
Saturday March 12 2011. Great weather and excellent mix of new and old players made for a successful tournament.  Congratulations to Josh Boyd & Jim Elsner on top ranking (7-2) after King of the Court play, and to John Elsner & Hank Bass for champion team play.
(Full report on TOURNAMENTS page.)

Phoenix, AZ, Oct 7-10, 2010.
Flight delays caused father-daughter team Elsner to miss the mixed DDC games, but they played a lot of pickup games where they were undefeated. 

Didi Elsner brings home the WFDF Silver Medal in Queen of the Court in her first road tourney! 

John Elsner & Jim Elsner finished 12th against a powerhouse group of teams where "you could not make any mistakes".  As usual,
the weather was excellent, sunny, warm with very light winds.

See also DDC Tournaments page for additional log of past DDC events and links to tournament summaries.

How to Play DDC - A 5 min. Primer

How to Play Better DDC, version 2