We want to thank Discovery Education for sponsoring this event today!

Your hosts for today are Elaine Plybon and Andrea Keller

Room 1: Distance Learning Lab

 STEM-related – a new topic each hour - The Discovery Education SciCon 2011

·         9:00-10:00: The Student Experience: Engaging and Assessing Young Scientists

·         10:00-11:00: Real Students, Real Teachers, Real Results

·         11:00-12:00: Top Ten Free Science Resources from Discovery Education

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Room 2: Library Board Room


21st Century Teaching – discuss the philosophies behind teaching in a 21st Century classroom

·         9:00-10:00: Math Class Needs a Makeover - Dan Meyer, TEDxNYED. This session discusses how we might take a new look at textbooks and the process of teaching. Information will be relevant to more than math teachers.

·         10:00-11:00: How to Learn? From Mistakes! - Diana Laufenberg, TEDxMIDATLANTIC. This session will discuss how we can meet state standards and still give our students opportunities to learn. Also shown: A Love Letter to Albuquerque Public Schools.

·         11:00-12:00: I Need My Teachers to Learn and  A Front Row Seat and Dark Black Words - Kevin Honeycutt, YouTube


Room 3: Room 253


Tech Tools for Learning – come learn about how to use technology in your classroom

·         9:00-10:00: Steal this Preso! Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom - Matthew Needleman, K12 Online Conference. Participants in this session will be given resources to use when students are creating in their classroom to be sure they are free of copyright restrictions.

·         10:00-11:00: Connecting Classrooms Across Continents: Planning and Implementing Globally Collaborative Projects - Kim Cofino and Jen Wagner, K12 Online Conference

·         11:00-12:00:  Google Sketchup Unleashed - Learn how to empower students through the use of Google SketchUp. Joseph Bires, K12 Online Conference. Participants in this session will have an opportunity to explore this software. (Using Google Sketchup to Empower - second video source)