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Taken muses 

How to apply & application 

 Regarding Muses

  • This community is open to all* fandoms. Movie, book, tv, historical, mythological, real person muses are all accepted. 

* Exempt from this, for legal reason, are any muses from any muses to do with the works of Anne Rice, Andre Norton, David Weber, Mercedes Lackey, George R. Martin and anything to do with the Babylon 5 fandom.

  • Duplicates of muses will not be accepted. For example, there are ten (10) incarnates of Dr. Who, however only one (1) version will be accepted.
  • To start, people may apply for up to three (3) muses. If, however, you demonstrate being able to keep up to date with your muses for a month, you may apply for one (1) new muse per calendar month. People can have up to six (6) muses in total.
  • People may have no more than two (2) muses from any one fandom. For example, if you have Buffy as a muse, you are allowed only one other muse from the BtVS fandom.
  •  Original characters are accepted. They must, however, be reasonable. Mary Sues are not welcome.
  •  To check the taken/available muses, please go here. You can request to have a muse waitlisted if the muse you are after is already taken; should that muse become available, the first person who requested that character to be waitlisted will be offered said muse.

Regarding Posting

  • Every Saturday, three (3) prompts will be posted: a phrase and/or question prompt, a picture prompt and a word prompt. It is not a requirement to answer all three prompts; only one. However, people are free to respond to all three prompts if they so choose. 
  • The word limit is 150 words minimum. No maximum word limit. 
  • In order to remain in the community, people must answer at least one prompt per month.  Should you fall behind in your responses, you will be emailed once as a reminder and given ten days grace period, and if there is no prompt posted or no email returned requesting extra time or a hiatus, it will be assumed that muse is no longer wanted and the character will therefore be made available for someone else to claim.
  •  All ratings are accepted, as well as all genres. However, anything with explicit content of any kind must be posted under a cut. Any prompt that goes over 200 words in length must be posted under a cut, also.
  • People must, with all responses, clearly label the prompt number in the subject heading. 
  •  People must, with each response, post the name of the muse, the fandom and the word count at the end.
  •  RP is welcomed and encouraged, however please restrict all RP to the characters' individual journals and not on the community.
  • When posting, please post the response in both the character's personal journal and the community.
  • Please archive all responses in the character's journal memories.
  • Please feel free to explore your character. While all muses have a canonical basis, don't feel restricted to the canon only. Extrapolation is a very interesting and useful tool in muse writing.


  •   Talking Muses operates on a Three-Strike Rule: if anyone is found to be causing trouble, or is reported to the moderator three times for causing disruptions, said person will be banned from the community, no questions asked.
  • All characters must have a disclaimer annotated on their user info. This is a legal requirement. 
  • The moderator reserves the right to enforce the LJ ToS upon anyone who breaches the LJ ToS.
  • Do not associate muses with their muns, nor reveal any personal details about muns to other muns, including contact details, personal LJs or real names. This to be left to the discretion of the mun him/herself and is not a call that is allowed to be made by anyone else.
  •  Spamming is unacceptable. Anyone found spamming will be banned.