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Taken Muses 

  • Before you apply, please check here  to make sure the muse you're after isn't already taken.
  • Talking Muses does not accept duplicates of any muse.
  • Please fill out this application form: 
Your name:
The name of the muse you’re applying for:
The fandom your character comes from:
Canon or original character?
This character is from movie/book/tv/other verse:
Other muses you have in Talking Muses (please also provide LJ/s of your muse/s):
(If you have no other muses, write N/A here.)
Please write a minimum of 200 words on the following prompt in the voice of the muse you’re applying for: What is your greatest fear? 
  • Send your application to talking.muses @ gmail [dot] com. Your application will be processed within a few days of being sent. Please be patient. "The more you know the less the better" is to be included in the subject heading of your email application. Applications will not be considered without this subject heading.
  • Once your application has been approved, please then join [info]talking_ooc, [info]talking_ooc and [info]talking_intros, logged in as your character’s journal. You will be approved as soon as the request is received.
  • Once you are a part of the community, the first thing you must do before you start responding to prompts is introduce your character over at [info]talking_intros. You must do this in character.

    In your character's info page, you must include this standard disclaimer: 

    Legal disclaimer: [Character name] is from [book/movie/show/etc], and is the property of [author/publisher/studio/etc]. He/she is used for the purpose of ficlet writing in ; no profit made in the use of this character.   
  • Please friend the mod journal, [info]talking_mod
  • Feel free to join the fen community, [info]talking_fen.