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 Talking Muses is a fan ficlet community, written by people with a deep interest in the fandoms depicted. Muses are explored and delved into by the guidance of prompts posted weekly that people reply to, written in the "voice" of their character.

 Fandoms range from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to House, M.D., to historical and mythological, to the downright obscure. Three prompts are posted each Saturday - a thought-provoking question and/or phrase, a picture and a word prompt - and each week new things are revealed about the muses involved. RP is encouraged, though not required; RP can help build and establish character, as well as confidence in writing the muse. Previous and present prompts can be found here.

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 Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact the moderator of Talking Muses. Alternately, you can reach the moderator @ livejournal.