Benny Thomasson, Champion Texas Fiddler (April 22, 1909 - 1983)

Benny Thomasson (April 22, 1909- died 1983)

Born on April 22, 1909 on a farm in Winters, Runnels County, Texas, about 41 miles (67 km.) south of Abilene,
Benny Thomasson was one of eleven children of Lucas ("Red Luke") and Sarah Elizabeth Wright Thomasson.
 Little Benny picked up the fiddle when he was only three years old.
Luke Thomasson was a gifted fiddler who composed the beautiful waltz "Midnight On The Water," possibly based on the old cowboy song "Old Paint."
The Thomassons were a very musical family, and their home was the scene of many fiddling sessions. The legendary Texas fiddler Eck Robertson was a family friend.

Benny entered his first fiddle contest when he was 14 years old.When he was 19, Benny competed in a major contest in Dallas.
Though he did not win that contest, he was inspired to develop a smooth, powerful, elaborate style that would make him one of the
most successful and influential fiddlers in the highly competitive Texas fiddle contest scene in later years.

Benny married Beatrice Hollander in Taos, New Mexico in 1928.
Benny and his brothers played on radio programs and even recorded for Okeh Records in 1929 but did not become full time country musicians.
 Benny and Bea Hollander moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area where they raised their family of four children.
Benny made his living doing automobile body work but kept up his fiddling, winning many major Texas fiddle contests during the 1950s and 60s.

In 1965, Benny began to develop a reputation outside Texas when he appeared on a County album issued in 1965.
When he retired, Benny and Bea Thomasson moved to the state of Washington in 1972 where their son Dale lived.
Benny quickly became active in the thriving Northwest fiddling scene; he was a major influence on young Mark O'Connor, who went on to a brilliant career as a contest fiddler and composer.
Benny began recording for Phil and Vivian William's Voyager Records and won the Senior Division at the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest in Weiser, Idaho in 1974.
He died in 1983 at the age of 74.

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Sound Recordings and Video:

* Texas Hoedown (County 703) - 1965
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* Tenino Old Time Music Festival: 1970 - 1978 Fiddle Tunes and Other Instrumentals (Voyager CD 367) - 2005
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