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 The Autistic mind.

People with ASD’s (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) see the world in a very different way to us the signals in there brain seem to be jumbled and confused. It seems for many there sensory perception is different, things that we take for granted are hard for them to understand. For example a person’s face to us is a way of telling allot about someone, understanding the situation your in, reading a person's emotions anger, happiness and sadness. People with ASD’s find it hard to read peoples faces and emotions so don’t always understand how someone is feeling which also impacts on there social skills.
Other examples are heightened sound sensitivity, many people with ASD’s have a very high sensitivity to sound so something as simple as a sneeze or a cough can almost be intolerable to them.

People with ASD’s are very vulnerable people and rely on us as there support to almost be that part of them that can’t unravel these mixed messages in there head.

Quite often you will here there disability described as the Triad of Impairments which are the bellow:
• Difficulty in communicating
• Difficulty in understanding social situations
• Inflexibility of thought

Autism is a disability which affects the development of social skills. People with autism may also have learning difficulties and find it very hard to make sense of the world around them.

Asperger's syndrome is sometimes mistakenly called 'mild autism'. People with this condition are highly communicative and often have average or above average IQ. They will quite often realize that they are different from their peers and seem unable to lead the same lifestyle. This can lead to bewilderment, isolation, frustration, anger, despair, depression and in some cases to mental health difficulties.

Other common problems in people with ASDs are aggression, irritability, obsessions, and repetitive behaviors.
It is also very common to find that people with ASD’s suffer from ADHD and TURRETS.

People with ASD’s have a very hard life and are almost not in control of there own at all.
The Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a very complex disorder which will often single them out with the addition of there social skills impairment it can be a very confusing and lonely world.