Here workers, parents & people with ASD's can talk, seek advice & exchange tips On any aspect of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder


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Welcome to Talk Autism.

My name is Gavin, I started this site as a resource for people to communicate & find useful information. My intention for this site is to see it grow into a helpful & informative resource for everything related to autism.

I hope to build a better understanding for people who don’t know what it is, a better resource for people who deal with Autism to find similar opinions, life situations, facts and information. Here people can join our community with information from all around the world.

News & Info

 Our support forum is currently down as our host lost it, we are sorry this has happened but will be getting a new one up soon. is one of our other site and is now up and running.

Our promotional flyer

If you like our site and want to help bring more people to it then click above for our new flyer. (please note this link may not work in AOL in this case please use internet exploroer)

Put it in your local shop window, in your car window, pass them to friends/family, put them on bulletin boards.

Basically everywhere you go leave one, help keep the amazing growth of this site going.

Talk Autism Awareness Card

We have just launched our all new Awareness card. Do you have people looking at you when your out? whispering to each other if you want something to give to these people then click above..


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