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 Internet is a huge ocean of knowledge about anything and everything. This site aims at providing all the technical knowledge through various resources and materials which are extremely useful especially for people willing to know about Engineering topics. You can also FREELY DOWNLOAD various things like notes, articles, seminar reports, source codes, materials for entrance exams, project reports, power point presentations and so on and the website will be continuously updated with new posts. The best thing is, its all FREE and you do not even have to sign up!!

Browse through the contents and take your pick. Have a great time.

Coming soon: ebooks (technical & novels), Lab manuals, PPTs, more source codes on C & assembly.........

Resources for all kinds of Entrance Exams :

Entrance Essentials

Project and Seminar Reports for Engineering students :

Engineering Reports

All the information you wanted to know about PC Hardware and troubleshooting :

PC Hardware and Troubleshooting

A collection of source codes written in java for programmer's reference :

Source codes

Useful knowledge on VLSI :

VLSI Resources

Non-technical and Inevitable Engineering Subjects :

Constitution of India and Professional Ethics

Operations Research

Advanced optical source : 

Semiconductor Laser

Miscellaneous Engineering topics :

Quick View of PC Hardware

Microcontroller Interfacing

Introduction to Operating Systems  

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