Montbars the Exterminator


        “I, Oliver Henry, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.
“If there were one topic that you were not supposed to bring up in front of Danny--Daniel--it would be that of Spain.  Danny--forgive me, Your Honor, I helped raise Daniel Montbars so calling him ‘Danny’ has become second nature to me.  Anyhow, Danny had an avid hatred for the Spaniards.  This hatred was not instigated by his family or me; we French had no such harsh feelings toward Spaniards.  No.  Danny’s hatred for the Spaniards rose from his uncanny tendency to empathize with people.  He read stories of how the early conquistadors invaded the New World and tortured and killed the native people there.  Strange, isn’t it, Your Honor?  How you people seem to think that Danny was a cold, calculating buccaneer when actually he was a deeply emotional being who could not take the news of people being tortured?  It drove him mad.  If we mentioned the Spaniards in front of him, his face would turn red and he would throw chairs about his magnificently large house out of pure fury.  Yes. Danny had a rich family and he was well educated.  His family had resources, so he kept a close eye on the actions of the Spaniards over the years.  He didn’t allow himself to forgive them, even if the native people of the New World did.
“In 1667, when Danny was about twenty-two years old, France went to war against Spain.  Danny’s uncle joined the Royal French Navy to help fight against Spanish warships.  Danny, seeing this as an opportunity to kill Spaniards, went along with his uncle.  I also joined the navy because Danny’s uncle, René, was my good friend.
“We went to the West Indies.  There, in a naval battle against two Spanish warships, the ship on which René was posted was destroyed.  Danny and I were posted on another ship.  When he saw the ship René was on sink, Danny went into such a frenzy that the other members of the navy had to tie him down.  Danny was expelled from the navy.  I did not want to leave Danny alone, so I left the navy with him.
“I anticipated that Danny would return home to France, but he took me to the pirate haven of Tortuga.  There, after elucidating some gory plans he had to exterminate Spaniards, he became a buccaneer captain.  He had only one goal:  kill Spaniards.
“I joined his crew for the sole purpose of trying to convince him to refrain from committing any heinous crimes.  But Danny’s hatred for the Spanish grew deeper after René’s death.  He didn’t listen to me anymore.  
“Within the first month of becoming a buccaneer, Danny captured the Spanish ports of Porto Caballo, San Pedro, Gibraltar, and Maricaibo.  He burned all the ports down.  He didn’t even take the booty from those locations. He said it was ‘Spanish money,' so he burned it, too.
“He captured many other ports and burned them.  The crew was growing frustrated because they were not acquiring any booty from the ports they were capturing.  They proclaimed Danny to be crazy.  And he was.  He grew so crazy that he forgot who I was at one point.  In his captain's quarters, he kept a tally of how many Spaniards he killed.  Any time one of the crew members questioned him about the lack of booty, Danny would reply, ‘We have booty!  Look!  We’ve killed Spaniards!’  We sailed for months without ever restocking on supplies.  And since we had no money, food would run out.  Crew members would starve.  It seemed that Danny had lost his sense of hunger for normal food.  He only hungered, and thirsted, for the Spaniards' blood.
“Around 1707, we came across a Spanish galleon.  When the crew members shouted out that a Spanish ship was in sight, Danny rushed out of his captain's quarters and stared at the ship.
        "‘Shall we shoot it down, Captain?’  
        "‘No.  Get as close as possible.’ 
        "No one knew what Danny had in mind, but the crew did as they were told.  When we got close enough, Danny ordered us to board the Spanish ship.  I don’t know why the Spaniards did not shoot canons at us from afar.  We boarded their ship and that’s when the fury that Danny had shown when René died came back to life. The ferocity of his hatred for the Spaniards amplified from its usual state; it now knew no bounds. He killed many Spaniards that day on that ship.  But he didn’t just kill them; he beheaded them.  He would saw away at their necks until their heads fell off.  A few of the Spaniards cried and begged for life.  He took them prisoner.  The torture he gave them was perhaps even worse than death.
“He refused to give his prisoners quarters.  He tied them to wooden posts here and there around the ship.  Naked.  Then, one by one he would untie them and give them a rod of metal that had been heated in the fire that was kept in the kitchen.  The prisoners were to bash themselves on the back with the hot metal and dance until they collapsed.  Then, Danny would order his crew members to saw open the prisoner’s abdomen and cut out his large intestine.  The prisoner would rise out of his collapsed state screaming and crying in pain.  But he would be held down by other crew members, me included, so he was helpless.  Danny would take the large intestine and look at it proudly.  He would then nail it to the wooden post where the prisoner was originally tied.  He did this to all the prisoners.  They all died.
“He became known as ‘Montbars the Exterminator,' the killer of Spaniards.
        “That same year, he told me his life’s goal was complete:  he had tortured Spaniards enough.
        “A few days later, Danny died.

Author’s Note:  Daniel Montbars was a Frenchman born to a very wealthy family.  As the story elucidates, Daniel developed a very deep hatred of Spaniards as a result of reading about the atrocities they had committed to the people of the New World.  The part of the story about Daniel’s uncle dying on a ship is true, and that instilled a deeper hatred for the Spaniards in him.  The uncle’s name is not known, but I named him René because I wanted to give a ‘shout out’ to one of my favorite mathematicians, René Descartes.  No one knows how the atrocities aboard the Spanish galleon were committed, but Daniel was notorious for beheading his enemies.  As a result, I imagined him doing the same to the Spaniards on the galleon.  He was also notorious for the torturing methods described in the story above.  The part about Daniel considering the number of Spaniards dead to be booty is true.  In fact, there is a recorded account of someone writing that Daniel loved killing Spaniards and did not care about the booty!  This made me believe that Daniel was a mad man, and I tried to characterize him that way.  No one knows if Daniel died or went missing in 1707, but I chose to make him die because I thought it gave a good sense of closure to the story.  My goal in these stories has been to characterize each of the ferocious pirates differently yet convey that each of the pirates were just as mad and cruel as the other.  I hope I’m doing that.  I hope you’re enjoying these stories, even if they are a bit gory to think about.

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