Greetings!  I am the great storyteller.  Now they don’t call me the great storyteller for nothing.  The reason I have obtained this title is because I have traveled far and wide to gather firsthand accounts of all the legends and stories in the world.  One legend that I am particularly fond of is the story of the great Beowulf, king of Geatsland and savior of the Danes.  So you may be wondering what type of firsthand account do I have for this story?  Now it doesn’t get much better than this.  I have painstakingly gathered (and don’t ask me how I got them) the diaries of the great lord Beowulf and those involved in his epic adventures.  


            Yes, you heard right.  I obtained the diaries of not only the heroic Beowulf, but also of his loyal companion Wiglaf, the horrendous Grendel, and the even more horrendous Grendel’s mother.  It wasn’t easy getting a hold of these, but believe me, these make the story so much better.  This is as close as it gets to the action, for it is right from the source.  There is so much detail that is often left out when the story is retold, and that is why I have stepped in, to fill the gaps that no one else knows about. 

The first diary that we will delve into is that of Grendel, the savage beast.  We will see how Grendel comes to enjoy wreaking havoc on the land of the Danes.   Grendel lives in a cave underwater and comes out once every few nights to plague the kingdom of Heorot.   He then continues to disembowel the guards and eat them.  Soon after, he disappears off into the night, leaving a gory sight and many to dread the night he decides to return.  But how and why does he do this?  He writes all about it in the entries of his diary.

The second diary is that of none other than Beowulf himself.  Beowulf’s entry talks of his arrival at Heorot, and his struggle against the monstrous Grendel.  Beowulf himself is the only one who witnessed the battle between them two because every one else was put in a deep slumber by Grendel’s spell.  Beowulf writes all about this battle in his journal, for it is the best fight he’d ever had up until then.  We will be able to witness this battle Beowulf's very own words. It is like Beowulf is telling us the story himself!

            The third diary will be of the vengeful mother of Grendel.  Angrily, she strikes back at the Danes.  Her diary explains all about how she feels once she sees her son coming back wounded, and how she plan on luring Beowulf into her underwater cave. What malice and evil intent does she have in store for our hero?

The final diary takes place many years after the adventure involving Grendel and his mother.  By this time, Beowulf has become king of the Geats.  This last journal in my collection is from the loyal earl,Wiglaf.  Since the journey to the land of the Danes, Wiglaf has sworn allegiance to Beowulf, for it was Beowulf who saved his life.  It is Wiglaf who tells the story of a gigantic dragon, which has woken up to find a portion of his treasure missing.  Enraged, the dragon begins burning Beowulf’s land and people to ashes.  Beowulf then takes eleven men with him to slay the dragon.  Scared senseless, the rest of the men flee,  but the loyal Wiglaf stays close by to watch over Beowulf.  Wiglaf's journal will reveal the final chapter of the story of our heroes. 


            Now I don’t want to give away too much of the story before I even start telling it! What kind of storyteller would I be?  Where did I leave Grendel’s diary...  Ah, here it is!  Let’s begin, shall we?

Image Information: Diaries. Web Source: Alkeemi