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About us:

    The Tálentum group was formed in June of 2002. We chose our name on the base of biblical parable from Gospel of Matthew chapter 25, verse 14 to 29, being certain about that all of us got talents from the Lord, which we would like to use in a most useful way for Him, to enrich them and to serve with them to Him.   

At that time the members of the group were:

  • Mónika Nagy  - song, ringing & rattling musical instruments, guitar
  • Gyöngyi Hegyi  - song, ringing & rattling musical instruments, guitar
  • Tamás Margittai  - song, bass guitar, guitar, piano, clarinet
  • Tibor Tamás-Péter  - song, guitar, bass guitar
  • László G. Nagy  - song, guitar, harmonica

    In 2005 we remained four members, we had to continue our way without our brother Tamás, but in 2007 entered among us our brother Attila Faragó, with whom we were blessing the Lord since that time.

   Till now we had about 200 services: in Oradea, surrounding villages, nearly and in farther cities, Transylvania and the mother country Hungary. We served already on traditional Sunday church services, festive occasions, youth church services, in Christian camps, on exhibition opening, on wedding, etc.

   The bigger part of our repertory consists of spiritual songs (songs with a church concern), but we play so-called secular songs that have a serious, true and authentic message.

   Our aim is the advertising of Gospel through the music on places where it doesn't get in this form. For that reason we try to do enough for all invitations.

   Our group doesn't belong to an any kind of denomination, political organization or association and we would like to maintain this kind of our independence.

Glory to God alone!