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T21 Project Goals

2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards



7.1 World Languages: All students will be able to use a world language in addition to English to engage in meaningful conversation, to understand and interpret spoken and written language, and to present information, concepts, and ideas, while also gaining an understanding of the perspectives of other cultures. Through language study, they will make connections with other content areas, compare the language and culture studied with their own, and participate in home and global communities.


B. Interpersonal

C. Presentational


Essential Questions

Enduring Understandings

·         What impact do people in Mays Landing, NJ, have on the Tropical Rainforests of South and Central America?

·         Our behavior as consumers is far reaching.

·         Our habits as consumers have global repercussions.


Classroom Applications

Technology Integration

7.1.IL.A.1:  Identify the main idea and most supporting details contained in culturally authentic materials using electronic information sources related to targeted themes.


7.1.NM.B.1 :Use digital tools to exchange basic information at the word and memorized-phrase level related to self and targeted themes.


7.1.NM.C.1: Use basic information at the word and memorized-phrase level to create a multimedia-rich presentation on targeted themes to be shared virtually with a target language audience.



Instructional Guidance

·         Using flow charts to track Tropical Rainforest products to consumer goods will help students understand the impact of each product on the global environment.

·         Comparing products will help students make better ecological decisions as consumers.


Technology Integration

·         Students may use Web2.0 presentation media, such as Xtranormal, Animoto, Voicethread, Prezi, Wordwall or some other production software to share their conclusions.

·         Students will use various websites and media to research Tropical Rainforests and their products.




Formative: Unit quizzes on Tropical Rainforests and rubric for presentation in class.


Summative: See final project rubric for culminating activity.