World Language

Tropical rainforests are found around the world banding the equator. We are looking at rainforests in the tropical countries where Spanish is the official language. Tropical rainforests are important to the planet. You should find reasons why this statement is true. How does this area impact your daily life? What do you do that impacts the rainforests of the world?

You are working to solve the big question:"As students, how can we reduce our ecological footprint in an effort to improve our local environment?"

You will need to do research and collect information related to tropical rainforests, their products and their future.

Decide which is the most important topic, in your opinion, related to the future of the tropical rainforests in the Spanish speaking world. Share your thoughts here, si quieres:


During your marking period in World Language you will present your findings to our class using a Web2.0 presentation media, such as xtranormal, animoto, voicethread, prezi or wordwall Your rubric is included below as an attachment.

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