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THET - supporting the MicroSociety Program at Talbot Hill Elementary

Donating for MicroSociety

Do you want to donate to support the MicroSociety Program at Talbot Hill?
  • Donate online through our website - Donate Now!
  • Until May 9th - you can donate online during GiveBIG - www.givebigseattle.org/THET
  • Donate cash or check - please include your name & contact information. 
    • Make checks payable to THET or Talbot Hill Educational Trust. 
    • Send to THET at 
      • Talbot Hill Elementary, 2300 Talbot Road S; Renton WA 98055 
      • Or to our mailing address: THET, 330 SW 43rd Ste K PMB 233, Renton WA 98057


Thank you to those you gave on GiveBIG! We received almost $6,000! These funds will go to paying for field trips, materials and staff support. 
Thank you to all our parents who are supporting us in so many ways - through your direct appeal donations, through purchases from our fundraiser, through supporting your children in getting to school on time, every day. We appreciate everything you do! 

Easy ways to help Micro

Easy ways to help MicroSociety without opening your pocketbook except for your usual household purchases - 
  • Collect Coke Points - new program has started at www.coke.com/give to donate points to Talbot Hill.
  • Amazon Smile
  • Register your Fred Meyer Rewards card
  • Register your Bartell's B-Caring card
  • Buy party supplies at Everything Party in the Landing
See the list of Easy Ways to Help Our MicroSociety. You can print this list to remind you of ways to help Micro by making your usual household purchases.

Why You Should Support THET & our MicroSociety!

THET pays for many important parts of our MicroSociety program that are not funded by the Renton School District - such as our field trips, raw materials for our 20+ organizations (small businesses), and additional support staff - including a portion of our Micro Coordinator's salary. This program goes beyond the standard curriculum because it gives our students the experience of working at jobs and seeing how what they are learning will be used beyond high school graduation.
THET raises funds at our school, applies for grants & awards, and makes direct appeals to our families, friends and local businesses. We are a tax-exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and donations may be tax deductible (consult your tax adviser).

What is THET for?

Talbot Hill Educational Trust (THET) supports the MicroSociety at Talbot Hill Elementary - career and technical education at the elementary school level. Our MicroSociety creates a community within Talbot Hill Elementary - from Kindergarten to 5th grade. We have a wholesale warehouse, IRS, bank, small businesses, garden & garden art, recycling, theater, musicians and scientists and more ... Our students learn "why did I have to LEARN that?" when they have to apply it in their businesses. 

Our students learn about jobs in the real world as well as managing their money. MicroSociety gives the students at Talbot Hill an opportunity to try out banking, recycling, gardening, technology, science... before they are faced with the choices of what to do in high school and college. In addition, our students learn to choose products to purchase carefully - they do ask themselves "is this worth my hard-earned cool cash to buy?" And our students learn to save - our 5th graders start saving for the year-end auction, some of them even start saving in 3rd grade! All of our businesses and students pay taxes, buy wholesale materials, even learn what it's like to teach others... we offer them many experiences of what it's like in the "real world"!
In addition, all of our organizations - from Kindergarten to 5th grade - go on school-to-work field trips - to find out how the job they have been doing in our MicroSociety looks in the real world. Our bankers visit a bank; our gardeners go to a working organic farm; our recyclers go to see the landfill; our musicians visit the EMP... We are able to arrange many behind-the-scenes tours - so that our students can see what it really looks like. One year, our warehouse employees visited our fundraiser company - and helped to fill fundraiser orders!

Easy Ways to Help Micro

Employer-employee options - Does your employer have a Community Giving fund or participate in United Way? THET can be named as a recipient from those types of funds. Does your employer match funds? Does your employer donate if you volunteer hours? We'll help fill out the paperwork! 

Do you like to shop? At Fred Meyer, Bartell's or on Amazon? Need Party Supplies or Coke products? 

Fred Meyer - register your Fred Meyer Rewards card at www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards - search by our NPO #94248 or by our name: Talbot Hill Elementary Educational Trust. You still get to keep all your Fred Meyer Rewards - and our MicroSociety will receive a donation every time you use your card.

Bartell's - register your Bartell's B-Caring card at www.escrip.com and select Talbot Hill Educational Trust. You still get all of your rewards - and MicroSociety receives a donation every time you shop!

Amazon Smile - first connect your Amazon account to Talbot Hill Elem. Educational Trust by starting here: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/31-1541422. Then when you shop, start at smile.amazon.com. Once again, you shop and Micro receives a donation!

Do you need party supplies? Shop at the Everything Party store in the Landing - and mention Talbot Hill when you are checking out!

When you shop - many things you purchase can help Talbot Hill's MicroSociety - 
Purchase Coke products - and collect the Coke points - on bottle caps and codes on packs. Either donate them on your account at http://www.coke.com/give and choose to donate them to Talbot Hill OR drop them off to Mrs. Chilenski!
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