In view of current interest in this project, we have reviewed the content of this website and those referred to below. We found that all the links still work apart from some clips and photos on Talacrefacts and the separate Talacrelogs site. The substance of what is said throughout, remains accurate. However, some of the pages were last updated some time ago so there may have been changes since, for example of ownership and existence of some of the companies. 

Prince’s Park is the name given to the development of flats at Dalby St, Prince of Wales Road, Camden - next to the Talacre Town Green.  If you have reached this page because you have read about the sale of flats and investment opportunities you should go to the new page Prince’s Park where you will find a list of questions you should ask and facts that you should know. Please also visit the Latest News page and our other website Talacrefacts here has details of buyers and their solicitors etc where they are known to us and other information is shown

Update 2018 concerning the websites that have been created as part of the campaign to ensure that the obligations to Camden and its citizens relating to the development in front of the Talacre Sports Centre are fulfilled.

This website www.savetalacre.co.uk is one of several but is now the only site with its own special domain name. Its full name is https://sites.google.com/site/talacreunderthreat/ which means that clicking on either link should bring up the Savetalcre site.

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Save Talacre has opposed the development of 55 flats on Dalby Street in front of the Talacre Sports Centre building. While we have been unsuccessful in stopping it being built, we have successfully pressed for changes in the agreement between the occupiers of the development and the public (in particular the Talacre Sports Centre). The main work of this campaign is therefore to ensure that the agreements are fully enforced

 If the access arrangements work in the way they are described in the signed agreements, the expected costs and potential for additional costs of the owners of the flats will be extremely high. For example, we estimate that the combined service charge and ground rent for a 3 bedroom flat will be about £200 a week increasing if more resources such as extra marshals are needed to make the access arrangements safe and workable.

This we believe means there is a danger that the "Owners" will neglect to carry out the terms in the agreement and/or will persuade Camden to change its terms. The "Owners" who should bear the main brunt of the onerous obligations in the agreement are the owners of the private flats. However, the obligations extend to others with an "interest in the land" eg the freeholder, the GP Practice (ie probably the NHS) and the Registered Social Landlord (responsible for the Affordable Flats)

The purpose of this web site is to provide facts about the development so that

  •  anyone contemplating buying a flat or lending to the development is aware of the onerous clauses in the  agreement with the Council
  •  Camden  Council will ensure that the terms of the planning agreement are rigorously applied and
  •  the Developer and others are aware of the strong and enduring opposition from users of the Sports Centre and local residents
At a public inquiry in January 2008, the Inspector referred to the submission of Morag Ellis QC representing the Developer as follows:

"It seems highly likely that local organisations would be vigilant in keeping an eye on the situation to ensure compliance. More positively, the Plans include provisions for annual reviews, with freedom for the Council to impose any variation “if required to safeguard public amenity and the reasonable access requirements of the Leisure Centre”"

This website representing local people and Sports Centre users is part of that vigilance. Such was their fury that since planning permission was given, they persuaded Camden Council to apply for most of the rest of the Talacre area to become a Town Green - the first Town Green in London. They did that to ensure that other parts of Talacre have complete protection against this or any other developer intruding upon the area WITH OR WITHOUT the Council's agreement. In other words, authority has been taken out of the Council's hands by a resolution of the Council as a result of fury about this development.

Pages on the site include

LATEST NEWS including of recent updates to this website

DALBY STREET DEVELOPMENT describing the development scheme and in particular the unusual access arrangements in the legal ("s106") agreement

THE PLANNING AGREEMENT including details of many of the clauses giving the liabilities and obligations that the developer has taken on. In many cases, they get passed on to the future owners of the flats. Anyone thinking of investing in any way should look at this section. It is not an alternative to reading the whole of the agreement which is attached for reference but it gives some pointers

PLANNING APPLICATIONS provides details of and links to the relevant planning applications

LAND describes the extent of land taken up by the development and its acquisition

THE DEVELOPER provides details of Findon Urban Lofts, Cornwall Overseas Developments and Union Developments

FINDON'S OTHER DEVELOPMENTS gives details of Findon's 6 other major developments (all in London)

TALE OF TALACRE. A living monument to the triumph of people-power over government. Home to the biggest gymnastics club in Britain. And once the site of avant-garde building that influenced some of today's most famous architects. Talacre has a rich and important history that has been determined by ordinary people standing up for themselves and their neighbourhood. By Richard Benson, best selling author of The Farm and The Valley and a local resident. This was written in 2008

CONTACT provides details of how to contact and support us

The scheme is referred to here as “Dalby Street”. References elsewhere to Talacre, Prince of Wales Road or POW are likely to be to the same scheme.

Another website Talacrefacts here, provides the main documents and letters to and from Camden and masses of other information.

If any inaccuracies are pointed out to us, we will promptly correct them. Opinions, however, are our privilege.