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2006: 4/14/06-10/20/06 


when i say i am ____, i mean

i always feel like i am on a hidden camera tv show when i am working at the record store. when i say i always feel like i am on a hidden camera tv show when i am working, it is because people are freaking weird.

case 1: when paying for his cd, one customer took a good 5 minutes straightening out his money. 2 points to note here: when i say 5 minutes, i mean it in the most literal sense and when i say straightening out his money, i mean it in the most extreme sense.

he takes the opposite ends of the bill in each hand, and snaps it repeatedly as if he were ringing out a towel for a really small person. he does this for FIVE MINUTES, all the while i am standing there waiting for him. i'm like, dude you are going to rip that bill.

when he finally decides to give me the money, he is insistant on thanking me. when i say he is insistant on thanking me, i mean he makes sure that i didn't forget. he thanks me at least 5 times before he leaves the store, only to come back 30 seconds later to thank me again. he leaves again, only to come back AGAIN to thank me. no no no young cashier at the music store, he is saying. in case you forgot, thank you.

now, i am totally appreciative of his thanks. i think people don't thank people enough, man. but when it is repeated to this degree, it makes me say, all right where are the cameras.


at the farm school, talking to the kids about my age:
kid: how old are you?
me: how old do i look?
kid: 20.
kid2: 17.
me: a little older.
kid: 21.
me: yeah-.
kid: you look like you are a teenager.
me: thanks pal.
kid: you're welcome! (runs off)
kid3: how old are you?
kid1: he's 21.
kid3: shouldn't you be married by now?


"I know the night is not the same as the day: that all things are different, that the things of the night cannot be explained in the day, because they do not then exist, and the night can be a dreadful time for ____ people once their _____ has started." -hemingway


i was listening to the radio the other day and someone mentioned that they were an Old Soul. i like that term. i don't think there is any one way to describe what an Old Soul is. you feel it when you meet someone so different from the world around you, that the term starts to make sense. or when you have a connection with another person that makes you feel like you must have known them from another time. that could be an Old Soul. maybe it's naiive and self important, but i'd like to believe there are Old Souls. and when you done a little soul searching, an Old Soul is exactly what you need.

the harry potter kids are so old now.

The Transformers,
More than meets the eye
Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the deceptions
The Transformers
Robots in disguise
The Transformers
More than meets the eye
The Transformers.


things i like:

daniel clowes: clowes is a cartoonist. his characters are usually deeply flawed and complex individuals, obsessing over personal short comings, drowned in self loathing. they are cynical eccentrics, portrayed with an honesty that is not biting or harsh. as cynical as these characters are, the insecurities displayed by clowes' characters show that it's okay that you or i may never feel like you fit in.

arrested development: there's no one way to explain what makes this show great. perhaps an attempt at explaining the bluth family's chicken dance will suffice, or mentioning david cross' character's desire to become a part of the blue man group, or "bob loblaw's law blog." please watch this show.

henry's: my favorite supermarket. entertaining the thought of following a healthy diet makes you feel better about yourself. i always end up buying some new age health product, usually some type of grain. selling point: you can buy ingedrients like flour or trail mix by the scoopful. sweet!

chick fil-a: their advertisement boasts, "we created the chicken sandwich." who can really know the validity to this statement. i do know that their chicken sandwiches are delicious with american cheese and waffle fries. i like to eat the fries with hot sauce. so good.

chipotle: when describing chipotle to those who don't know about it i tell them they are pillow burritos. of course i mean they are big. so big, that you can rest your face on it. i perfer to eat them though; rice, black beans, steak/carnitas, mild salsa, cheese, sour cream, guacamole. free drink with student ID. i used to have a free burrito coupon modeled as a playing card but i seem to have lost it. i wish i knew where it was.

gypsy den: the local "we offer something different" coffee and sandwiches joint. two ways to see it: 1) you might describe the persian rugs and mish mash of picture frames covering the walls as manufactured homeliness for a new crowd of kids who love that sort of thing. 2) you might find the gypsy den's coziness endearing. i like to get the sandwiches (with sprouts and cucumbers) and read one of their random books that they have lying around.

devendra banhart:
there's the kind of cool guy who you tire of; trendy, stylish, likes "good music," despises western civilization, too cool for tv. banhart isn't that guy, but he's the kind of guy that likes eastern philosophy, hair, peace, and singing in spanish. is polite enough to let lindsay lohan call him "a better looking version of the charles manson-type."

apologies to the queen mary: album by wolf parade. favorite song - i'll believe in anything;

and I could take another hit for you
and I could take away your trips from you
and I could take away the salt from your eyes
and take away the spitting salt in you
and I could give you my apologies
by handing over my neologies
and I could take away the shaking knees
and I could give you all the olive trees
oh look at the trees and look at my face
and look at a place far away from here

"banshee beat": is a song by the animal collective. this song reminds me of looking for halloween costumes and having a crush. "but i dont wish that i was dead a very old friend of mine once said, that either way you look at it you have your fits i have my fits but feeling is good. confusions not a kiddney stone in my brain but if were miscommunicating do we feel the same? then either way you look at it you have your fits i have my fits but feeling is good. You gotta give a little you gotta get a little bit."


the problem that lies in introducing topics of conflict is the assumption attached that there is an underlying moral stance that is expected of the newly informed or rather, that there is a correct opinion that is morally superior to the other. a particular opinion necessarily makes you unpatriotic, while another makes you a crazy activist. when yes is just as bad an answer as no, it makes sense that people just choose not to take a stance at all.

not everything is clear cut (like, uncle joey is the lamer of the uncles, or like no crap on your driveway is better than crap on your driveway). the best we can do is to be aware of what's going on. from there you can make your own decision, what ever that might is some info about the conflict in darfur.


Sea-Monkeys are a true miracle of nature. They exist in suspended animation inside their tiny eggs for many years. The instant-life crystals, in which the eggs are enclosed, preserve their viability and help to extend still further their un-hatched life span! Sea-Monkeys are real Time-Travelers asleep in biological time capsules for their strange journey into the future!

-excerpt from the official sea-monkeys website.

wow. did you read that? suspended animation, instant-life crystals, time-travelers, strange journey? how does one say nay to such wonders? i will tell you how you do it; you don't. recently i invested in some REAL LIVE sea monkeys. the text on the back read, "there will be no more lonely days!" obviously, this is the answer to all of my problems.

it is currently day seven since these modern marvels hatched. they look like sperm right now. but soon enough, the girl sea monkeys will grow blonde hair and fashion bows, and the men will work hard and bring home the bacon. it is only a matter of days until all my woes will be problems of the past.

on a side note, did you know that there was a live action sea monkeys show with real actors? before you say 'that is gross' consider the following: okay, it's pretty sick. i do appreciate the b-grade absurdity of this saturday morning show from the 90s though, the same way i appreciate that one venga boys song.


allen and I went surfing again at bolsa chica. We usually park his car in a residential area about 3 to 4 blocks away and run to the beach with our boards. since bolsa chica is also a dog beach, we see many dog lovers walking their counterparts along the beach. The last time we went, a big chocolate lab swam with us, with a plain but curious expression on his face.

here’s what I really wanted to write about: we ran into a surfer in his late 30s in the water. He was about 30 feet away from me when I notice him paddle towards us with a big grin on his face. he had long beach blonde hair and an aged face. he came by to greet us with an enthusiastic, “SUUUUUUUP!!!” his voice was totally michelangelo from TMNT. I laughed because I didn’t expect his voice to be like that, so young and beach bummed. He was so happy, it made me laugh.

Ultimate Frisbee nicknames fascinate me. They are incredibly funny to me. For example, take a look at UCLA’s Frisbee team’s roster: biclops, disco stu, fozzy, hightower, mapquest, chotchkie, lancelot, noob saibot, radar, thor, and yoda. Biclops. That’s like a regular human with two eyes. And imagine being told, “ben, from this day on you will be known as mapquest.” Or to listen in on plays like: “okay, disco stu is going to pick up the disc off the turn and thor and yoda will go deep.” it's great. My friend shaunak (known as sideshow) told me that a player was ordained ‘midnight’ because the captains couldn’t think of a suitable name for him until midnight. Thinking about how these nick names were given keeps me entertained for hours. The sport is cool too.


it surprises me how many people can actually surf. the concept seems simple enough; you stand on a board and ride a wave. i imagine an old hawaiian man (probably with a big belly) figuring this out as a natural extension of being on a raft, or watching a bug climb onto a leaf that has fallen into the water. last saturday i went surfing with allen. born and raised in southern california, surfing seems like something that i should know how to do. the water is cold as hell. i paddle my heart out but get nowhere. surfing (i'm embarassed to call it that, it's more like bodyboarding right now) is fun. i hope i can get better at it.

my ankle is messed up. i went jogging one night, and i heard something pop when i came back. it's nothing serious by any means (at least i think so), but from time to time i am met with stinging pains. damn you ankle. ankle is one of those words that sound weird after you repeat it alot: ankle ankle ankle ankle ankle.

i have an hour break in between classes from 12 to 1. i usually go buy some fruit flavored aquafina and a pastry and sit down in the park and read a book. i had left my book in my room one day, but i didn't realize this until i got to the bench. i said "whatevs, i will just listen to my ipod" and i did. i also looked to my left at the next bench and saw a guy reading the same exact jack kerouac book i usually read. what are the odds i thought.


above are the zapata brothers. i've been studying about the mexican revolution alot lately and i came across this picture. i just thought it was a really cool picture; a picture is really worth a thousand words. pancho villa was the mexican robin hood. could i have been as ruthless as zapata or villa? probably not. sometimes i feel like i've given so much. i wish i were a scoundrel and a thief.


i'm still going to make posts on xanga, but i thought it would be nice to have a website where i can keep specific content up for people to see. you can call this tomdoogle if you want.

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Islands: Return to the Sea
After a brief detour as Th' Corn Gangg, former Unicorns Nick Diamonds and J'aime Tambeur return as Islands, a band armed with a gorgeous collection of pop songs that draws from disparate sources such as calypso, country, and hip-hop. Where the Unicorns rewarded listeners with unexpected eruptions in the middle of songs or flat-out rockers dropped off a sonic cliff into plaintive minor chords, Islands present a more linear approach in their arrangements, relying on organic sounds and structure. The results are no less interesting, however, as throughout the record unusual instrumentation and tiny flourishes create dense compositions that demand repeated listening. -John Motley, April 6, 2006