Takuya Isomura Ph.D.
Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Laboratory for Neural Computation and Adaptation
RIKEN Center for Brain Science
磯村 拓哉いそむら たくや
理化学研究所 脳神経科学研究センター
数理脳科学研究チーム 基礎科学特別研究員 博士(科学

I explore the nature of intelligence using both biological systems and machine learning approaches. I believe that intelligence can emerge with properties common to the biological nervous system and computers.

Blind source separation by cultured neural networks under the free-energy principle (Isomura et al., 2015)(Spotlight: PLoS Blogs, Gizmodo)

Error-gated Hebbian plasticity (EGHR): a biologically plausible learning rule for blind source separation (Isomura, Toyoizumi, 2016)(日本語プレスリリース)