Bridge Chronograph

A FREE bridge clock for those who don't have enough ... time! 


Get the file
You also might need the VB6 Runtime dlls

My Info:

Takis Pournaras

We all know the problem:
bridge players want to use more time.

The solution: a clock.

But this is already done by many others, so why try a new program? Simply because this one can run on the same computer along with your favourite scoring program and take advantage of the ability to have two display adapters. The TD sees a mini screen of the current view of the other screen. Of course the program can also run with only one display adapter. It's fully configurable.

Give it a try. It's free (yes! as in "free beer").

What others have said:

- "Hi, You have made almost what i was looking for. Unfortunately I have no 2 displays but I try to manage with only a one :-). I just cant see how to set it for only one display. Nice work in every case :) best regards" ~markku

- "This is the first time I have seen this site and I am finding it fascinating. I am so pleased to be here." ~Norma

- "Excellent bridge publication. Talk to AARP about sponsoring your newsletter, they might be interested." ~Bud

- "I have just downloaded the clock hope I can getit to work. I am no expert. Many thanks for your interest." ~Alan Hill

- "Thanks for email about clock :) How are you? Love to Anna Lots of tricky rulings with screens since we met mike." ~Mike