Who Am I?

My name is Rodney Bluml.  I am passionate about the living Word of God and being an instrument for it.

I have  been part of church ministry for over 30 years. While studying in seminary, I had the awesome opportunity to live and study in the Holy Land for a semester in 1992.  While there, I felt burning in my heart as the stories of Scripture came to life, taking on meaning and significance.  My hope is to share some of that energy and insight with you.

I was able to complete MDIV and MAT degrees during my time at St. Thomas University, St.  Paul, MN.  

I am a married man with two adult children.  Among other duties, I am a trained spiritual director and facilitate Visio Divina and scripture discussion groups.  I am pleased to be serving as pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church {ELCA} in Anamosa, IA.

How this project came about... 

Eighteen years ago, while working as the lay pastoral associate at the Catholic Church in Marion, I was talking with the pastor over a cup of coffee.  I pondered, "How can we help young parents dealing with squirmy toddlers and disinterested teens and adults lacking biblical background better receive the proclaimed word?  Fr. Fitz replied, "It seems too much to expect the homily to carry the full load week after week.  Why don't you use some of your education and experience to write a weekly worship aid to help the person in the pew get better prepared with about five minutes of reading before Mass."  And so with the help of a weekly bible study group composed of parishioners, I wrote about the culture, words, and idioms of the Scriptures they most asked about.

The "Taking it Home" section became important after a conversation with our Youth Ministry Director Judy, who wondered, "How can we help families take the Word into their homes, their domestic churches, after worship?"  We envisioned families discussing one or more of these questions in the car or around a dinner table on Sunday afternoon.

Over the years, I have added a couple more sections to encourage people to study and care for body/mind/spirit balance through mindful breathing.