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“Stranger Danger” does not protect anyone from being kidnapped or assaulted.  Most violence is caused by people we know, not by strangers. Also, believing that the world is full of dangerous people called “strangers” is emotionally unsafe for kids and adults alike.

Instead of Stranger Danger, kids, teens, and adults need to know about Stranger Safety and to be prepared to use self-protection skills for avoiding and escaping an assault both from strangers and people they know.

We can protect kids from most abduction attempts and other violence by learning what to watch out for, by preparing kids with skills before letting them go anywhere on their own without adult protection, and by ensuring they have skilled adult supervision while their own skills are still developing. Practicing Stranger Safety and self-protection skills successfully helps to increase confidence, develop competence, and reduce anxiety. Kidpower teaches how to do this in a way that is not scary, but fun.

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