Take a Programmer to Lunch

Passing the hat to help support a programmer who helps to support the OS4 community.

Thank you for your Support

This site was opened while I was out of work for a couple years. While that did make for lots of Amiga coding time, it was hard on my budget. The donations I received from my friends in the Amiga community were a great help, both financially and psychologically. It really helps to know that your work is useful when it is so hard to find a job. Now I am working again, and I'm not in the financial trouble of the past three years.
I want to thank ALL of my supporters, and all who have helped me along the way. There is a contributors list later on this website, and there have been more that have not been listed. It seems there is a very mysterious group that I will call "Friends of AmiWest" who arranged for my transportation and expenses for two trips out to Amiwest and home again. Since they will not identify themselves I really can't properly thank them personally. Then there's all the wonderful people I got to meet at AmiWest too. They are as diverse and bizarre a collection of people as you might ever hope to meet, but they all come together to celebrate Amiga in all it's forms, and to promote us as a community from within. Absolutlely an amazing experience.
Again I offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone. these rather difficult few years were made much more bearable by my friends.
And where do we go from here?
The site will remain up, and I will continue to update it occasionally with notes on the progress of some of my Amiga related works. These somewhat regular updates are at Current Events. The need for donations is not what it once was. I have a job again, and soon I'll have medical insurance and all those other nice things that make life more convenient. I guess someone could still make a donation if they would care to, but if you do please keep it conservative. My needs are much easier to meet now that I am getting a paycheck again. And thank you all sincerely for your help.