latest update: 2017/12/11
      Takayuki Umakoshi, Ph.D.

     Assistant Professor

          Department of Applied Physics, 
          Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.
          Yamadaoka 2-1, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan  

          E-mail: umakoshi[at]
                      taka.uma.0330.13 [at] 
        Dec. 6th-8th
        Poster presentation at Global Nanophotonics 2017 
        @ Sheridan Hotel, Palawan, Philippines

        Sep. 5th-8th
        Oral presentation at the 78th Japanese Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)
        autumn meeting (JSAP-OSA joint symposia) @ Fukuoka Convention Center, Japan

        Aug. 21st-25th
        Oral presentation at The 24th Congress of the International Commission for Optics
        (ICO-24) @ Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo

        Aug. 3rd-4th
        Attended LaSIE summer school at Arima onsen

        Aug. 3rd
        Adopted by Osaka University COiRE Section for Fostering Young Researchers 
        (research aid)

        Jun. 26th-28th
        Awarded Best Poster Award at 9th International Conference on the Molecular      
        Electronics and Biophotnics (M&BE) @Ishikawa Ongaku-do, Kanazawa, Japan

         Jun. 5th
        Awarded by the Murata Science Foundation for research aid

         Mar. 31st-Apr. 1st
        Attended Osamu Nakamura Conference @ Awaji Island

         Mar. 14th-17th
        Oral presentation at the 64th Japanese Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) 
        spring meeting @ Pacifico Yokohama, Japan
         Jan. 1st
        Appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Physics, 
        Osaka University

         Nov. 25th-27th
        Attended the 54th annual meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan 
        @ Tsukuba International Congress Center

        Oct. 3rd-6th
        Attended 4th Bio-AFM workshop @ KKR hotel, Kanazawa, Japan

        Sep. 6th
        Attended 4th Wakate forum by the Chemical Society of Japan @ Kanazawa

        Apr. 1st
        Appointed as a Postdoctral Fellow at Bio-AFM Frontier Research Center, 
        Kanazawa University

        Mar. 28th
        Graduated from the Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University, 
        and finished my Ph.D course.