Weird Movie Central


    Welcome to Weird Movie Central, your guidebook to the weirdest movies and characters known to me and anyone else I've talked to. Everything from mildly eccentric characters to scratch your head trying to figure out if it means anything films are covered. 

    I've added a "Weird-O-Meter" feature. It's a 5 point scale with IIIII being a film with slightly quirky characters or dream sequences et cetera and IIIII being a film that is totally weird in every way with a side order of bizarre. Bear in mind that even films that are rated a 1 are STILL weirder than MOST other movies, they're just tame compared to the weirdest of the weird like Eraserhead and Tetsuo: Iron Man. (the two characters in this page's banner). 

    I hope you enjoy your visit and find a few, or even many, new favorites here. By the way, browse through the selections at your local library. MANY of the films I've listed were random films I've picked off of various library shelves because the title or graphics caught my eye. Sometimes box descriptions oversell how strange a film is, but they're a good starting point if you've never heard of a particular title AND library loans are FREE! You've got nothing to lose unless you never return anything on time.

Index is a simple list of all of the films in each of the following sections for quick browsing. If you see something of interest in the list, click on the title of the page it's on and go directly to that page. It's just a different way to skim before dropping by a specific section.

Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drummer  starts things off with only SLIGHTLY odd films. These are simply low key character studies with mildly eccentric characters.

Battle of the Sexes! Q: What brings out some of the strangest behaviors in humans? A: The mating dance of course. You'll find everything from low key and whimsical to tragic comedy here with everything in between.

Dreamers & Starving Artists is a collection of films about artists, people with big dreams or films about dreams and surreal dream sequences. Most of the films in here start at a 2 on the "Weird-O-Meter".

Square Pegs on a Round Planet are films about characters who don't quite fit in from blind photographers to eccentric pack rat aunts.

Reality Ain't What It used to Be
  is where things REALLY start getting weird. This is where you'll find some films that rank 5 out of 5 on the "Weird-O-Meter" including Eraserhead and Naked Lunch. Now it's not just the characters that are off center, but the world's they live in too are strange as well, but the pace is generally deliberate.

Out of Order brings the surreal world to the viewer by fragmenting the stories  and reality itself like so many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. These are films that will leave you scratching your head until the very end and possibly even after that.

Adventures in the Twilight Zone speeds things up a bit with bizarre road trips, frantic comedies, the stupidest supervillain in the world and even the beginning of World War III.   

Lunatic Fringe covers everything from coping with life inside an insane asylum to going postal on the world. Grab a prozac and hold on tight because the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Drug Induced Frenzy
is where you'll get your fix for druggie movies and psychedelic imagery. Everything from alcoholic party clowns to alien light shows is covered here.

Criminal Subliminal
Q: What comes after drugs? A: Crime, naturally. This section covers everything from petty thugs in the near future to gourmet cannibalism to beat the high cost of living.

Those Wacky Japanese
covers some more crime related territory, but with a Japanese twist, but that's not all. There is also whimsical comedy, romance, SFX rich superhero action and even low key horror as only the Japanese can do it. They take escaping reality seriously in the Land of the Rising Sun folks.

Anime Otaku if you still don't believe that Japan does surrealism on a different level, then check these animated films out. They've created a style of animation so unique that it's a genre of it's very own. Robots, monsters, hallucinations and cute cuddly creatures... it's all in here.

Animated Conversation
covers the other side of the compass with hand drawn cel animation, computer generated imagery, a bit of stop motion animation and even some live action hybrids.

Fantasy Looking Glass
moves on from the realm of the fantastic to the genre of fantasy, but these aren't your typical swords and sorcery films, nah uh. Here's where you can travel to worlds where little people sing "Follow the yellow brick road!" to the afterlife's waiting room.

Enter the Fist!
Let's get ready to Rumble Fish! That's right, this is where all the butt kicking takes place from Kung Fu robots and wannabe superheroes to Mafioso Samurai hitmen and soul stealing mummies.

Sci-Fi Anomalies starts the sci-fi genre off with generally low key and mildy surreal fare just to get your feet wet in the Milky Way's time stream.

Scary Science Projects Gone Wrong will take you into other dimensions where the world things aren't as they should be while some guy in a smock is saying "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Post Apocalyptic Mutant Theater
takes you beyond science run amok to the end of the world. Whatever you do, stay away from glowing green mutants and don't eat the Soylent Green.

The Monster in My Basement Ate My Homework
  After mutants comes monsters. The monsters here range in size from 100 foot marshmallow men to 10 inch voodoo dolls and any people you meet here are likely to be holding sharp pointy objects.

My TV Is Watching Me takes a break from the celluloid world for a minute to cover the cathode ray tube zone.

Documentary Bizarro    sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction and these films demonstrate that with some of the oddest folk in the oddest places you're likely to meet in the real world.

Life Out of Balance is another branch of the documentary tree that is so specific, it deserves it's own sub-genre. These are films that take a look at the entire world, but make it surreal by using camera tricks like slow motion and time lapse. The results can be vaguely disturbing to hauntingly beautiful in these films.

Artsy Fartsy Cut-Out Bin
covers the performance arts, art films and experimental.

Unseen Cinema is an alphabetical list of all of the other weird movies I haven't seen yet or don't want to see. It's just there to cover the rest of the weirdest films in the world so this resource is complete as possible.


The Video Void is where you can get your fix for instant gratification weirdness. It's a collection of strange short subject video clips.