I'll create a section called Cast of Irregulars that will be dedicated to directors and actors who seem to specialize in Weird Movie Central type films. Expect to see names including David Lynch, Jim Jarmush, Tim Burton, Terry Giliam, Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Tim Robbins, Jim Carrey & Steve Buscemi among others there.


Another addition that I'm considering is adding a Recommendation Station where I recommend titles that are similar to a particular film eg. Kamikaze Girls > Amelie, Run Lola Run, Cutie Honey & Yo-Yo Girl Cop and for Amelie > Doki-Doki, Kamikaze Girls, The Shoe Fairy, The Science of Sleep, & The Big Lebowski et cetera. This will give you another way to zoom in on particular films that you might like. That section will take a lot of work! I'm looking into database software to keep track of everything. I was forgetting which films I recommended for which after just a couple dozen entries. I knew I'd be missing too many by the time I got through all 300 titles. Actually, there were 297 titles the last time I checked, but I'll be breaking 300 very soon. I have some DVDs waiting in the wings.


Another minor change I'll eventually make will be to split the favorite movie lines section into three sections. One liners will be the the first section, then snippets of dialogue with monologues being the final section.

In the far future I want to add a best/worst section with categories that come up often on the IMDb and even more ambitious, new sections that cover science fiction and B-movies in a manner similar to Weird Movie Central.


I hope you enjoy your visit here and find useful info. I'm always trying to improve the site and updating it with new entries as I see new movies. 


If there's anything you'd like to see done to improve the site or know of titles I've missed for Weird Movie Central, drop me a line at I don't really check it regularly as I only created the account so I could build this website, but it's the only way to contact me unless you see me on the IMDb.