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Welcome to my personal movie site. For now, this site is mostly a 321 film summary portal for fans of quirky to flat out weird movies like some of the one's in the banner above with more movie related stuff as described below. I hope you find the content & organization of Weird Movie Central, in particular, to be just the sort of specialized film finding resource you never knew you needed or exactly what you've looked all over for, or that something else here is interesting or funny to you and makes your visit worthwhile. If you like it, stay tuned as more info is always just around the corner and I'll be expanding into the sci-fi & B-movie genres too eventually.

Weird Movie Central is where I give brief descriptions of all the weirdest movies I've seen so far and break them down into sub-genres. If you like films with surreal imagery and oddball characters, you'll find a lot of great films in here with easy to browse summaries. You'll find everything from the wild looking anime film Aachi & Ssipak (that I haven't seen yet, but loved it's trailer) to the action and SFX packed Chinese fantasy movie Zu Warriors here. 

     I've summarized 321 films in the main section as of March '09 and have added another 140+ titles in "Unseen Cinema" as well to be as encyclopedic as possible. You'll find that WMC is light on horror and exploitation titles many of which are as weird as movies get but  1,000 other sites cover that territory literally to death although there's a little bit of darkness covered here too.

My DVD and Video Collection is where you can stop by and take a look at all of the DVDs and video tapes in my collection if you're REALLY bored and don't have anything better to do with your time or just want some insight into my tastes. 


DVD Wish List and Sold DVDs  is exactly just that. They're lists of the DVDs I'd like in my collection as well as the ones I used to have but got rid of for various reasons.

Favorite Movie Lines is just what the title says. it's a collection of all of my favorite movie lines. BE WARNED, the quotes are uncensored so if bad words upset

you, don't go there!


Bad Movie Titles as a Story is a collection of the weirdest and worst movie titles EVER arranged as a clunky short story. WARNING: just like my favorite movie lines, the titles are all uncensored so don't click the link if your little world can't take it.

Top 100 List is another self explanatory page. It's simply a list of my top 100 favorite films. Just because a film's there doesn't necessarily mean it's objectively flawless. I like a lot of cheesy B-movies too and will eventually give them their own section here.


Things to Come is a page dedicated to telling you what updates and new features to expect in the future. If you've already browsed this site, check here to see what's next.