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( As of  June 21, 2019.)


I was born in 1943, South of Japan, Shikoku Island with a poor farmer family
of 10 brothers and sisters.

Only youngest brother  could attend high school, because of poor conditions.

I attended night high school, and took me 8 years to finish.
I myself supported all of schooling expenses.

In 1969, I started hitch-hiking around the world.
4 years and 4 months.
Started LA, and finished Taiwan.
Slept under the bridge, in forest, school, church, military, jail.desert.
Spent US$0.50/day in USA, $0.30/day in Argentina.
I was a very poor man.
But, I was an exciting man.

Front of the Istanbul University. I was then, younger man.

Himalaya trekking.

1974-1978: Studied at University of Massachusetts.(Boston State College), 
graduated(BS degree).
Cab driver at night, student on day. --- poor, but, excited and enjoyed.
Before retire, I worked 15 years for American Investment Bank( Goldman Sachs), Japan.

In 1991, I and friends started non-profit activities to save Asian children for peace.
Street campaign. A crazy manner for a humanity.

I did this performance until midnight.
Someday. I could collect only US$0.75/day.
But, I did not stop at all.

Year 2000. Traveled to NYC from LA by
bicycle for charity. 56 days.
Year 2003. Traveled to Hovd city from Choibalsan
in Mongolia. Horse-riding. 83 days. 3,000km.

16 years on street campaign for peace by children.
The most crazy man in the world.

( Photo is in Japan )

( Photo is in Japan. Save a burned Mongolian boy. Collected US$75,000. )

My car in Japan. Two big speakers. Kids' songs.

All children come together.
No conflict but peace.
Children were from Russia, China, S.Korea, Israel, Palestine, Taiwan, Afghanistan. Mongolia.
Better to become friends from childhood for mutual understanding.
We did it in Japan, in Russia, in Mongolia, in S.Korea, in Taiwan, in China also 
for 16 years until year 2008.
16,000 kids joined and enjoyed in Japan only.

( 3 photo are in Japan. year 2002.)

On your left is Israelis, right is Palestinians in camping in Japan, year 2002.
They are bereaved families with conflicts.
Center is a "go-between", organizer of Takaoka.
They became friends.
Embassy of Israel in Japan invited them for lunch.
( Photo is in Japan )

Bereaved Afghans in Japan. We tried to send  "The Ground Zero,NYC" them,
 in order to meet the " 911 terrorism" victims' children for peace, 
but, failed, because of short of money.
( Photo is in Japan )(アフガニスタンの子どもたち・日本にて)

By Takaoka, Bike-campaign in USA. " Afghan kids for NYC".in year 2002.
Am I "Don Quixote?"   The Crazy ?
( Photo is in Arizona, USA--- American, Afghan, Japanese flags ) 

”Save the Siberian kids" by Japanese Children. We shipped there 20 times, 
or 230 tons of Emergency aids. My organization( The International Friendships of 
Children in Asia) gave aids  to Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, N.Korea, Palestine, Mongolia. 
As of December 2011, 49 programs implemented.
 Beneficiaries are 230,000 people approximately.

( Photo is in Japan )(海外支援は20回・310トン)

( Photo is in Russia, Vladiostok #29 school. gift 100 PCs from us. 1996. )

Infants-save-devices gift in 4 Mongolian hospitals.
My organization send Mongolia 120 tons of emergency aids for poor children.
( Photo is in, Mandal Gobi, Mongolia. Takaoka giving medical tool. )

North Korea. Save the hunger kids. Center is Takaoka.
Children are innocence, we must save them beyond the difference.

( Photo is in N.Korea. Takaoka & children)

The West Bank, Palestine. 9 tons of stationery. A big gifts.
( Photo is in W.Bank)(パレスチナ支援・文具9トン)

Scholarship for kids, Mongolia. Peak time,  sponsored 135 kids/month for 8 years.
This wheelchair too, gifted.
( Photo is in Mongolia )(奨学金制度・モンゴル)

Job training for Mongolian mothers in order to take cash in follow.
As of today( Nov, 2014), still active. From January, 2013.
This project is Takaoka's personal activity now.
( 3 photos are in Mongolia )(女性自立支援・モンゴル)

Children's library for 16 year in Mongolia. 
Finished by Jun, 2014.
( 3 Photos are in Mongolia. 20,000 books & a mobile library brought from Japan )

When I was 63 years old. I traveled Mongolia by horseback for 3 months.
This was to become " One of Mongolians" for future's projects.

Today, the World has many problems. 
You and I must take care other people to enjoy "The Humanity".
This photo show you, in capital of Mongolia, there are 600,000-700,000 people
are living without clean water and Sewage. This boy is carrying water to his home. 
Children are main carriers of water.
 In Winter, under zero 35-40 degree C , temperature, terrible jobs for them.

( 2 Photos are in Ger area, Mongolia )

Takaoka is shopping a goat head for boil and to eat.
US$0.05/pc. Delicious!
( Photo is in Mongolia )(ヤギの頭の販売・モンゴル)

My journey never end. I will be a very exciting until I die.
To help other people is " my way of life."
I married with a Mongolian in 2011, and living in Mongolia, 
with her daughter of 7 years old
My volunteering is 26 years'  history as of November, 2014.

I will take a rest in heaven.
I will have plenty time in there.

(As of Sep, 2016. in Mongolia)
 I myself devoting for the poor  for 28 years now.
Your are " normal", but, I am "ab-normal".
My Mongolian wife is helping my effort as doing as accountant.
Please, you will look at these photos.
My " poor-looking" is against the bad people on street, they ask me
money. Even though, poor looking may self, I am a happy  to do no-pay
-social welfare.
In Mongolia too, there are many, too many families to live with less than US$2/day.

To keep jobs for women to get income to support family.
Supporters in Japan will sell these hand made crafts.

I am doing non-profit activities for 30 years.
In Mongolia, about 300,000 households have not running
water in house.

I think that I may become to end this contribution.
It was a long time to have done.
30 years !!!!
(July 20, 2018.)

By 2019.06.11. I am still alive and helping poor in Mongolia.
My 32nd years' devotion.

Capital of Mongolia's backside street, our workshop's
street is, a very dirty. Cause of sickness.

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