Research Papers

Welcome to Takako Fujiwara-Greve's site!   (Last update 2017/06/08.)

I am a professor of economics, at Department of Economics, Keio University.
Here is  my official web site at Keio University.
My book, Non-Cooperative Game Theory (Springer, 2015), has two pages: information for instructors etc. and Springer's page.

Working Papers and Extended Versions of Published Papers

*"Long-term Cooperation and Diverse Behavior Patterns under Voluntary Partnerships" (joint with Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara, Musashino University) (Latest version as of 2017/06/08.)

Older versions have the title:  "Diverse Behavior Patterns in a Symmetric Society with Voluntary Partnerships" ( Old version as of 2016/10/14.  SSRN version.)

*"Repeated n-person Prisoner's Dilemma with Exit Options" (joint with Yosuke Yasuda, Osaka University) (Latest version as of 2017/01/30.  New revision will appear soon.)

* "Asymmetry of Customer Loss and Recovery under Endogenous Partnerships: Theory and Evidence" (joint with Henrich R. Greve, INSEAD, and Stefan Jonsson, Uppsala University) International Economic Review, 2016, 57(1), 3-30.  (Extended version pdf file.)

*"Dynamic Noncooperative Group Formation with Size Advantage and Group Reputation" (Latest version as of 2015/08/08.)

*"Inspecting Cartels" (joint with Yosuke Yasuda, Osaka University) (An old version as of July, 2014)