TaiYoPi combines fundamentals of TaiChi, Yoga and Pilates, with life-style improvement, nutrition and other ancient and modern life-enhancing techniques to engrand health, general well-being and attain INNER PEACE.  
TaiYoPi is an evolving holistic discipline that may be practiced at home, in the gym and most appropriately in nature.

Tai-Chi, the ancient Chinese combination of meditation, exercise, and self-defense, is based on flowing meditation with ballet/self-defense-like movements.

Pilates is a healing exercise developed in Europe after World War I to help injured veterans regain functionality.

Yoga is the ancient Indian discipline of meditation, relaxation, concentration, breathing and stretching to attain spiritual fulfillment.

Improve your blood circulation, reduce arthritis, enhance self-esteem, feel better, look better, augment your sexual life, improve your overall health, concentration and memory.
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You can't attain relaxation without relaxing

This simple axiom is not widely accepted as it should. In other words, you cannot relax without getting into a relaxed frame of mind.

Anyone claiming “Relax in five minutes” is a quack, akin to selling a bottle containing “Elixir of eternal youth.”

You need to take the time to relax. That on itself is an act of relaxation, the beginning of deeper relaxation that will allow you to think clearly and to begin to heal your mind and body.

We practice TaiYoPi as a way to access mind and soul through the body. Concentration on poses and exercises contributes to empty the mind, to vacate it of meaningless thoughts and worries. By doing such we allow the inner self to express itself, to come out from under the bondage of imposed artificial thoughts.

Freedom of tension emancipates the inner self and allows us to get in touch with our own inner wisdom, which is the wisdom of the universe.

We begin our daily TaiYoPi routine by standing up on Proper Body Posture, aligning the following eight points:

Crown of the head

Fill a string attached to the crown of the head which is being pulled from above.

Collar straight

Neck comes in.

Shoulders back

Spine straight like an arrow

Suck belly button in against the spine

Pelvis forward

Slightly flex knees—which helps bring pelvis forward

Feet well planted on ground

Pose Name

Area Worked


Illustrations & Comments

Starting Pose

Total body stretch

Pilates neutral position. Laying on back stretch arms above the head and then to the sides. Arms up and then bend to touch ankles. May be done once with total concentration or repeat a few times.

The TaiChi modification to the Pilates Neutral is that the pelvis goes up.


Lower back stretch, hammerstrings,

Whole back leg muscles stretch, reaches into knee leagament

Curl up legs making a ball. Stretch up and bend uncles forward, toes facing the face. Legs back down.


Make a ball, stretch legs and open as wide as possible.

2 and 3 may be combined.


Lower back sideways stretch.


Pilates 101


Pilates 101-02-03


Arch spine back. Kick up to the air.


Hands to both sides of head. Arch back.


The Combined Scissors.


Roll into side. Draw circles with foot, based from hip.


Hand & Knee Reach

Deep whole body stretch emphasizing shoulder and hip.

Side, right arm stretched as far as possible. Left hand grabs the hollow of the left knee and pulls it up as much as possible

Yoga form.