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Tai Yi Health Clinic Gosport
111, Stoke Rd,  Gosport.  open 9am - 6pm Call 02392 527738

Dr. Jian Yue

Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting us.

We care about you; your health and well-being.
We can help you with many ailments that you may have.


We can help with: .....

Headache and Migraine
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Back Pain and Sciatica
Tennis Elbow
Stress, Depression and Anxiety
Weight Loss
Menstrual Pain 
PMS and Menopause
High Blood Pressure and many other conditions.

Call in to see if we can help you, the consultation is free and a course of treatment will be discussed with you which is tailored to your individual need

Lily and Jian

Its a Professional Service at the Tai Yi Health Clinic of Chinese Medicine,

Hot Cupping, Reflexology and Ear Candles also available.

Excellent Value - Consultation is free

Therapies are as follows :-

Acupuncture -
Acupressure, deep manipulation
Combined acupuncture and deep manipulation Reflexology
Hot cupping
Ear Candling

Raw herb treatment pack for 1 or 2 days.

Discounts are available for taking a course of treatments

Acupuncture is covered by Major Health Insurance Policies
We are a fully certified member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM).

The Association is the largest regulatory body of traditional Chinese medicine in the UK, with over 700
professional members.

All practitioners are fully qualified and adhere strictly to professional standards set out in the Code of
Professional Conduct and the Code of Practice.
You can find out more about the Association at:

Welcome to the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK


Sometimes we have Special Offers, please see our products page for these.