Research Group of Environmental Pollution and Human Health

    Our research emphasizes on how environmental pollutants affect human health, and elucidate the underlying pathophysiology. Specifically, we utilize the causal mediation model in observational studies to evaluate the association of environmental pollutants with human chronic diseases, particularly focusing on the interplay of traffic-related pollution, chronic inflammation, and human diseases. With the emerging of Exposome era, we also interested in developing the high-dimensional model to explore how pollution mixture (One Environment) affects human health.

    We have
a long-term collaboration with Academia Sinica (Genomic Center, Institute of Statistical Science), National Chia-Yi University (Dept. of Forestry and Natural Resources),
National Chen Kung University (Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health), and Brown University (Dept. of Epidemiology). We also collaborate with Professor Yen-Tsung Huang (Brown University, Academia Sinica) to develop causal mediation models in high-dimensional settings that will be ultimately applied in environmental health.

    本研究團隊著重於了解環境汙染物如何影響人類健康,主要利用觀察型研究來評估環境汙染物與人類慢性疾病之關聯性。詳細來說,我們使用中介因果模型(causal mediation model)來了解環境暴露對人類疾病的影響,尤其著重於交通相關的污染物、慢性發炎,以及慢性疾病的關係。隨著暴露質體(Exposome)概念的發展,本團隊同時發展高維度的統計模型,來探討多重暴露與人類健康的關係。我們的合作團隊包含台灣中央研究院、嘉義大學、成功大學以及美國布朗大學。其中與黃彥棕教授(布朗大學、中央研究院)保有長期合作關係,以共同發展可應用於環境衛生領域之高維度中介因子模型。

Currently our research focus on the following areas:

1. Evaluate the impact of traffic-related pollution on human chronic diseases, particularly for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. (了解交通相關汙染物如何透過發炎反應造成疾病發生)

2. Apply the cutting-edge statistical models (e.g.  high-dimensional mediators model) in multiple-exposure setting to characterize how pollutant mixtures (One Environment) affect human health.