Shinkao Hotel

Shingao Hotel

Right beside the local train and bus station in Chiayi City. ~$100 taxi ride to the ground. Free Internet and WiFi.

Booking (mobile) 優先訂房專線: 09 8500 4698
Booking (landline) 優先訂房專線: 05 2272 252 
Fax 傳真:(05) 216-0960
Rooms 房間總數:25
Address 地址:Chiayi City, West District, Zhongshan Road, No 581 嘉義市西區中山路581號
Check in time 入住時間:14:00
Check out time 退房時間:12:00

Elegant room 雅致房 (Yǎzhi fáng)
One small bed 單人房∣1小床
Weekend price $NT700 per night 假日價:700 元起 ($750 with AC)

One double bed 雙人房∣1大床
Weekend price $NT800 per night 假日價:800 元起

Single Room Deluxe 名仕房 (Míng shì fáng)
One double bed 雙人房∣1大床
Weekend price $NT900 per night 假日價:900 元起

Two Twin size beds 2大床
Weekend price $NT1100 per night 假日價:1100 元起

Four person bed 四人房∣2大床
Weekend price $NT1100 per night 假日價:1100 元起

Two double beds 四人房∣2大床
Weekend price $NT1300 per night 假日價:1300 元起