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Siberian Crane Twitch

Twitch a Siberian Crane - and get another 30+ new birds in a long weekend.

A first-record juvenile Siberian Crane arrived in northern Taiwan November 2014 and shows signs of staying through 2016. Update - the crane seems to have left us, everything else is still here! 

This package is suitable for keen birders interested in getting this very rare bird PLUS most of the Taiwan endemics and other key birds in a very short time.

Suggested itinerary: leave the UK on Thursday evening flight, spend 3 nights/3.5 days in Taiwan. Visit one coastal site (primarily for the crane), one low-elevation forest, and one mid-high elevation forest site. Arrive back in the UK early Tuesday morning.

Cost US$ 730 per person (minimum 2 participants) for guiding, transport, food, accommodation etc. Excludes flights to Taiwan and items of a purely personal nature.

Expect to see 90% of the species below - and many others. The focus will be on the endemics especially the pheasants. If private tour, ask about Fairy Pitta and Black-faced Spoonbill possibilities.

Eastern Spot-billed Duck

Taiwan Blue-Magpie

Taiwan Partridge


Taiwan Bamboo-Partridge

Taiwan Cupwing

Swinhoe's Pheasant

Rufous-faced Warbler

Mikado Pheasant

Brownish-flanked Bush-Warbler

Chinese Egret

Yellowish-bellied Bush-Warbler

Pacific Reef-Heron

Taiwan Bush-Warbler

Malayan Night-Heron

Golden-headed Cisticola

Ruddy-breasted Crake

Striated Prinia

Ashy Wood-Pigeon

Taiwan Fulvetta

White-bellied Pigeon

Vinous-throated Parrotbill

Oriental Cuckoo

Golden Parrotbill

Mountain Scops-Owl

Taiwan Yuhina

Collared Scops-Owl

Chestnut-bellied Tit

Silver-backed Needletail

Yellow Tit

Pacific Swift

Black-throated Tit

Taiwan Barbet

Taiwan Scimitar-Babbler

White-backed Woodpecker

Black-necklaced Scimitar-Babbler

Taiwan Rosefinch

Dusky Fulvetta

White-bellied Erpornis

Morrison's Fulvetta

Maroon (Red) Oriole

Taiwan Hwamei

Bronzed Drongo

Rufous-crowned Laughingthrush

Black-naped Monarch

Rusty Laughingthrush

Eurasian Jay

White-whiskered Laughingthrush

Eurasian Nutcracker

White-eared Sibia

Gray-throated Martin

Steere's Liocichla

Red-rumped Swallow

Taiwan Barwing

Striated Swallow

Vivid (Taiwan) Niltava

Asian House-Martin

White-browed (Taiwan) Shortwing

Brown Dipper

Taiwan Whistling-Thrush

Collared Finchbill

Little Forktail

Rufous-capped Babbler

White-tailed Robin

Grey-headed (Taiwan) Bullfinch

White-browed Bush-Robin

Collared Bush-Robin