The Vera House Collection

Digital Art by Mary Stebbins

for the Vera House Art of Caring Project

More Digital Art by Mary Stebbins Taitt

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 The Forest Floor, by Mary Stebbins Taitt

I am working in support of women who suffer and sometimes die at the hands of men.  We have our own "homegrown" terrorism here in the great US of A. Women here are terrorized by rape and abuse from their own husbands, boyfriends and from neighbors, relatives and stran

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 'Til Death do us Part ("The Wages of Sin")

by Mary Stebbins Taitt

While I was at Vera House, some women I knew, nice, friendly, loving amiable women, were killed by their husbands or boyfriends. This is for them.

And for the husbands? I'd like them to experience for a day the terror their wives lived with daily.

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 Forest Floor 2:  After Love

by Mary Stebbins Taitt